Bret Hart Discusses Real Life Tension Between Shane and Steph

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On the first episode of The Sharpshooter Show (Bret Hart's podcast on WrestleZone Radio), Bret discussed the reason that Shane left the WWE in the first place and his relationship with his younger sister, Stephanie. On the topic, he said:

"Maybe it’s storyline, maybe it’s not. I know there’s a lot of tension between Stephanie and Shane. It’s my understanding, unless I’m wrong, that there was a lot of tension there for quite a long time. Which is why Shane left. They kind of passed him over and gave everything to Stephanie to run. There’s a lot of question marks about the legitimacy or the reality of what’s going on. For me, as WrestleMania gets closer, the wrestling fan in me is kind of excited about seeing where it goes. "

We suggest listening to the entire clip, as he goes into this subject a little more, while also discussing Hulk Hogan's case.

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