Bret Hart Says Goldberg Doesn't Belong In The Hall Of Fame

WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart hasn't been shy in criticizing some of his fellow superstars in the wrestling business, and his latest target is Goldberg.

Once viewed as the top babyface in WCW, Goldberg endured some brief success during his first run in WWE. He returned in 2016 and wrestled a handful of matches, en route to a WWE Hall of Fame induction last year.

But Hart - who worked with Goldberg back in the WCW glory days - explained why he doesn't think the 52-year-old belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame during an interview on Prime Time With Sean Mooney (h/t WrestlingInc.com).

"I wish that Bill Goldberg had never kicked me in the head as hard as he could," Hart said. "I don't know how you give a guy a Hall of Fame thing for hurting as many wrestlers as Bill Goldberg hurt, and without consequence – he usually got a pat on the back and told how good of job he did out there when you're scraping the wrestler that worked with him off the mat."

Hart also suggested that he "lost about $16 million" after Goldberg kicked him in the head. The Canadian icon had to retire in 2000 due to a series of concussions, which began at the 1999 Starrcade pay-per-view.

Hart faced Goldberg in the main event of the big show for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The former suffered a concussion after taking a kick from Goldberg, and though he won the match, this ultimately led to Hart having to retire. He relinquished the title soon after.

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Hart came over to WCW in 1997 following the Montreal Screwjob, after Vince McMahon urged him to join the rival company. In 1999, Hart began a feud with Goldberg, although they won the WCW World Tag Team Championships on one occasion in 1999.

10 years after his in-ring retirement, Hart returned to WWE in 2010 and "buried the hatchet" with Shawn Michaels, who was involved in the Screwjob incident. The Hall of Famer would defeat Vince McMahon at WrestleMania XXVI to get his awaited revenge once and for all.

Goldberg Did Enough To Earn HOF Induction

At the end of the day, Goldberg's resume speaks for itself. Even if he only wrestled so many matches (in three different tenures) with WWE, it's hard to deny that he's worthy of a spot in the Hall of Fame. Sting also earned an induction in 2016 despite only wrestling a few matches for the company. Vince McMahon and co. simply decided that Goldberg did more than enough to earn a call to the Hall - even if some believe he was dangerous in the ring.

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