Bret Hart Regrets Not Taking Out DX After Punching Vince McMahon

Not long ago, wrestling fans looked back at an event now known as the "Montreal Screwjob" by revisiting a moment that shifted wrestling forever. It took place at Survivor Series in 1997, and the story behind Bret Hart being duped into losing his WWE Title and heading to WCW never seems to get old. The character of Mr. McMahon was created, Hart's career saw the beginning of its end, and countless storylines since have used that moment as inspiration for other moments that define the drama that is WWE.

To this day, still bitter about the event, Hart sat down for an interview with the Calgary Herald and talked about what took place after Vince McMahon, Shawn Michaels and Triple H concocted a plan to get the belt off Hart.

After losing in the main event when Michaels put Hart's own finishing maneuver on him, and the bell rang early, it took The Hitman a moment to realize that Vince McMahon had orchestrated the whole plan. McMahon's plan was to ensure Hart dropped the title before leaving for a rival promotion.


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Hart has since buried the hatchet with WWE, but you can tell the whole situation still irks him. He said, “To be lied to and screwed over legitimately by people that I had worked so hard for, I think it’s always been a black eye on them, not me. Everything I said was true, everything that I said happened, it happened the way it did.”


Hart went on to describe what happened in the locker room afterwards. As Hart was changing to leave, Vince came in to confront him (or, according to some, at least let Hart air his grievances). Hart instructed Vince to leave and, as he sees it, Vince being Vince wanted to look strong in front of his talent roster. "He’s a very macho kind of guy — he wanted to back me down in front of everybody in the dressing room and show that he was the boss and save face,” Hart said.

“But he put himself in that situation and I knocked him out.”

Hart said of the punch itself that while it was only a punch, it was the most beautiful thing in the world and that just thinking about it brings a smile to his face. Hart's only regret? "I  just maybe wish that I'd mopped the floor with Triple H and Shawn Michaels both at the same time right after. That would have been ideal."

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