Bret Hart Reveals The Only Person That Made WCW Bearable


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I think it's safe to say that Bret Hart's time in WCW isn't exactly what he had in mind when he left the WWE in 1997. He was part of some really awful booking and it was easy to see that "The Hitman" was miserable. However, on the most recent episode of Hart's The Sharpshooter Show, Bret revealed that there was one guy who made coming to work a little easier.

"I really didn’t enjoy anything. If I had to sum up what one thing I did like, I would probably say wrestling Sting. Sting was a class guy, just a first rate guy. Great guy to work with. Great guy to talk to. Great guy to hang out with. A real friend. No ego. Never saw any ounce of ego. Just a team player all the way and I always had a lot of respect for him. He really made coming to work fun. When I look back today, I just have mounds of respect for Sting."

Bret was also quick to point out how WCW found a way to screw up his matches with Sting.

"When I watch some of our matches back, they were actually pretty good. Considering we had absolutely no direction. Absolutely no storyline. Nothing made any sense. He was always able to make sense of the most stupid stuff that Bischoff could come up with. I just have so much respect for the fact that he was there as long as he was and he just was a guy… you never forget guys like Sting. He was just there every day. Showed up for work and did the best he could every night. He made a real difference to guys like me in the dressing room that almost lost hope working there."

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