WWE Gives Painful Update On Brian Kendrick's Injury

Brian Kendrick ended up being taken to the hospital during this past Monday’s Raw event in Chicago after taking a nasty hit from Hideo Itami while he was performing a GTS.

WWE doctor Chris Amann has now released an update on Kendrick and it sounds like he’ll need to take a long break in order to help his injuries heal, according to WWE.com.

“During a match between The Brian Kendrick and Hideo Itami, Itami performed the GTS and during that maneuver, Kendrick was struck in the left eye and the inner aspect of the nose. A fracture was suspected, and he was taken to a local emergency care facility in Chicago where a CT scan confirmed a diagnosis of an orbital wall fracture and a minimally displaced nasal bridge fracture. We will be following it closely and making sure everything heals appropriately and that surgery’s not needed.”


You can check out the match below. You'll notice that Kendrick was writhing in pain after being hit in the face and didn't remove his hand from his face after the botched GTS. It's obvious that he wasn't selling in this case.

This is one of those cases where Itami botched the GTS and accidentally hit Kendrick in the face with his knee. Let's be honest, during a match there’s no way to keep a wrestler from making a mistake while in the midst of a match. Unfortunately things like this happen often in the sport and this is why these guys deserve a lot of respect.

This is also an example of why wrestling is a brutal sport. It might be planned out, but accidents do happen and the injuries are real. As of right now, no one knows when Kendrick will return to the ring.

We do know that wrestlers who have suffered similar injuries in the past have missed an extended period of time. So I wouldn't expect him back for possibly the first few months of 2018.


The Sun pointed out that Austin Aries suffered a similar injury last year and was out for so long that WWE ended up having him contribute as a commentator for 205 Live. Don't be surprised if the company does something similar with Kendrick.

Kendrick has also worked with Gentleman Jack Gallagher, since this past summer as a tag-team tandem, so it will be interesting to see how his injury affects Gallagher.

Comment below and give us your thoughts on Kendrick's injury. How long do you think he'll be out and what kind of role do you think WWE will have for him while he's recovering.

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