Brian Kendrick Reportedly Suffers Devastating Injury During Raw

Brian Kendrick was reportedly sent to the hospital after eating a GTS delivered by Hideo Itami on Raw.

In the world of live wrestling, anything can happen. That is both a blessing and a curse, however. In some cases, it makes for memorable moments, and in others, it can lead to something disastrous. The last episode of Raw is an example of the latter. During a solid bout between Brian Kendrick and Hideo Itami, The Man With A Plan took the newly called up Superstar’s finisher the wrong way and was allegedly sent to the hospital for good measure.

Both Itami and Kendrick are extremely experienced veterans in the business, so for an untrained eye, the sequence that ended the match could be seen as routine with nothing wrong. However, PWInsider is reporting he was getting checked out for a possibly undisclosed injury.

Hopefully, this isn’t anything too serious. Raw recently lost a major name in Dean Ambrose, and while Kendrick isn’t a main event star like The Shield member, he plays a big role on 205 Live which WWE has been pushing harder as of late. If reports of Kendrick’s injury are true, this could also look really bad for Hideo Itami, who debuted on the main roster just last week.


For Itami, this could be another tick in a lackluster run in the WWE since being signed in 2014. Coming in with a lot of fanfare wrestling as KENTA, he was part of a massive wave of names including Kevin Owens and Finn Balor. Unfortunately, a wave of injuries has kept him off TV for huge chunks of his run in NXT, and his promotion to 205 Live was seen as somewhat of a demotion by many fans of the Japanese star.

For others, however, this was seen as an opportunity for Itami to jump into a smaller pond and really make a name for himself in WWE against opponents he should emerge victorious against week in and week out. While there are no reports as to what WWE has planned for Itami, he is a top-notch performer, making him an easy sell as one of the top names for the Cruiserweight Division.

Hopefully, if Kendrick is hurt, this isn’t seen as another blemish on Itami’s WWE career. As a name that came in with as much excitement as Balor and Owens, it always felt like a missed opportunity that the oft-injured superstar never got a run with NXT’s top prize before being called up. Working under the bright lights on the main roster could have been a chance for the man formerly known as KENTA to make a name for himself in front of the WWE brass.

As for Kendrick, we can only hope his injury isn’t too severe. As stated before, there is no word on what the injury is, or if there is one at all. But his return to the WWE has been a fun redemption story, and while he plays a heel on TV, longtime fans can appreciate the veterans work as he’s one of the few true personalities in the Cruiserweight Division.


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