Brie Bella Plans On Returning To WWE VERY Soon

Former WWE Divas Champion Brie Bella has been in-and-out of the ring for the past 18 months, and now she's eyeing a return.

In May, Bella and her husband Daniel Bryan had a daughter together, which obviously kept her out of WWE programming for a while. Since then, she's been working in an ambassador role for the company since April 2016, but it appears as though she's gearing up for a return to the ring.

On her YouTube channel, Brie did a Q&A segment (with her five-month-old daughter Birdie), and confirmed that she would be coming back to the WWE in 2018.

Via sportskeeda.com, here's the transcript of what Bella said regarding her return:

“Yes. So I am right now slowly trying to get back into the shape...When I went to the doctor they were like ‘Brie, your abs haven’t come back yet...But I want to make sure that I am ready by let's say the end of January 2018, in case I get a phone call. But at some point in 2018 I am going to make a comeback, whether the boss likes it or not, I am coming back and making a comeback."

This will be a major boost for the women's division, which has greatly missed the Bella twins' performances. Nikki needed to take significant time off after undergoing neck surgery, and recently announced she'd be taking a hiatus from the ring.

There's no denying how much of an impact both Bella twins have had in the WWE. The two have been among the most beloved performers in recent memory, and have had great storyline feuds with Stephanie McMahon and The Authority.

With Daniel Bryan retiring in 2016 and John Cena possibly leaving the company before long, the Bella twins are as popular as ever. Even if Brie's the only twin returning in the near future, having one Bella back is better than none.


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