The Bella Twins Eyeing A 2018 Comeback

WWE is a revolving door of talent. Whether it's injury, family, or otherwise, wrestlers come and go from TV. Now, two stars are looking come back.

Brie and Nikki Bella are eyeing up an in-ring return in WWE with the twins opening up about how much they miss pro wrestling.

While The Bella Twins have been part of WWE for a number of years now, it never really came across from Nikki and Brie that professional wrestling was their first love. With Nikki now very much part time and Brie retired, married, and a mother, both ladies have ventured into new avenues of business together.

The Bellas had a tremendous amount of success away from performing in the ring. They're the stars of reality shows Total Divas and Total Bellas, have their own successful YouTube channel, plus have ventured down other avenues such as a clothing line and their very own wine label. It turns out, however, that none of the above can fill the gap left in the sisters' hearts left by the absence of competing in the ring.


The Bellas recently spoke to In Touch Weekly and opened up to them about their love for the business that made them famous. Not only that, but they decided to use that platform to announce that they will be making a return to WWE sometime in 2018. They also wanted to be very clear that the return will not be as individuals, but as a team. Brie initially pitched the idea during the interview with Nikki simply replying 'It's a deal!'.


The Bellas were hired by WWE all the way back in 2007. Despite a drastic change in women's wrestling occurring in WWE between now and then, both Brie and Nikki have managed to keep up the pace with the new crop of females hired by WWE. Nikki drastically improved her in-ring ability in order to stay competitive, and with Brie, having a husband like Daniel Bryan is always going to help out when it comes to sharpening her wrestling talents.


The women's wrestling landscape is constantly evolving in WWE however. Despite The Bellas only being away for a short period, they will likely still need some time to adjust when they return. Neither Brie nor Nikki have encountered the likes of Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax, and there's a lot more competition now if they want to return to the top of the pile.

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The Bella Twins Eyeing A 2018 Comeback