Brock Lesnar: 8 Wrestlers We Want To See Him Face And 8 We Don't

The beast incarnate Brock Lesnar is an absolute monster. Anyone who enters suplex city is doomed for trouble so it’s hard for any wrestler to get the three count against him. For instance, Lesnar recently faced The Viper, Randy Orton at Summerslam and won by a TKO. Lesnar made Orton bleed so much they had to stop the match. Orton is just another pawn on his list, Lesnar has beaten the best of the best including Dean Ambrose, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, The Rock, and many more.

Receiving the F5 is harsh enough, but entering suplex city and being thrown around by Lesnar over and over is pure strength and power no wrestler wants to enter. There’s a reason why he’s the only person to beat The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. Lesnar will go down as the one who broke the streak.

It’s hard to say if anyone can beat him. He’s lost before so nothing is impossible. Still, the fact remains is he hasn't been pinned since WrestleMania XXIX, which is an increible streak. The WWE has mostly kept him in feuds with established stars, rather than up-and-comers. There are other wrestlers that haven’t faced Lesnar like Kevin Owens, Big Cass, AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and others, but not many stand a chance against the beast incarnate. The roster is the deepest it has been in years, which lends us many possible matchups for Lesnar. There are some though, where WWE would be better off keeping them apart.

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16 Want: Rusev

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Rusev is someone who wants to harm his opponent and punish them until they can go no more. However, if he ever faced Brock Lesnar, that may or may not be different. Like Lesnar, he too likes to beat down his opponent where it may end the other wrestler’s career. So a match between them would be an easy sell, to determine which one of them is stronger. The fact that Rusev is a heel is really irrelevant here. The whole point of Lesnar is that he's neither a face or heel. He's simply someone that's there to beat up anyone who stands in his way.

This is also a credible matchup. There aren't many guys on the roster who could match Lesnar's strength, but Rusev has the look of a guy who can. Plus, how fun would it be to watch Lana and Paul Heyman go back and forth on the microphone?

15 Want: Big Cass

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Whatever all the superstars say about big Cass, that he’s just a tall guy and can’t do anything, but talk on the mic, he’s proven he can’t be pushed around. He may be enjoying tag teaming with Enzo Amore, but he’s had his share of singles matches. Also, since he’s a tall, strong guy this would be an interesting match if Brock Lesnar and Big Cass ever decided to clash. He’s someone that’s earned some credibility without Enzo Amore wrestling against Rusev, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, and others. He’s another superstar that’s on the rise so this match may be in the near future.

This match likely won't happen any time soon, given that he's still paired up with Enzo, but when the day comes that these two split, it will be cool to see Big Cass get his shot at Lesnar.

14 Want: Bray Wyatt

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The most deceitful yet sinister WWE Superstar out there may be one of the underdogs who could overcome Brock Lesnar. All the mind games he plays against his opponents toys with their minds. He could be able torment Lesnar to the point where Lesnar gets off his game. That would be the story of this matchup.

The Wyatt Family have attacked Lesnar before, but a match between these two sounds more suiting and Bray would probably want him all to himself so he could brag about it. Even without the help of his family, Bray stands out to be one of the best superstars. It seemed as if we were going to get a Bray Wyatt/Brock Lesnar match earlier this year at WrestleMania, but injuries to Wyatt forced WWE to call an audible and insert Dean Ambrose as his opponent.

It feels as if Wyatt and Lesnar have unfinished business.

13 Want: Seth Rollins

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Seth has faced Brock Lesnar before, but we feel they should have another match, with a real finish this time. Being the former architect he was in the Shield, Rollins faced Lesnar last year at Battleground, putting his WWE Championship on the line. Lesnar dominated Rollins for much of the match before The Undertaker returned and cost Lesnar the championship.

Rollins is now a babyface, which gives WWE the opportunity to revisit this matchup with a brand new perspective. Rollins can now be pushed as a big underdog to Lesnar but everybody knows he has the speed and the pace to knock Lesnar off his game. Lesnar isn't expected to back until about November this year, but when he does, WWE should consider putting these two back in a feud.

12 Want: Kevin Owens

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Right now, Kevin Owens is the current WWE Universal champion so he’s definitely a candidate of someone who could take on Brock Lesnar. He’s a big guy with loads of power, plus Lesnar will probably want to hold the title, which could be a reason to begin a feud between them. He may not be as strong as Lesnar, but he lends enough believably to the audience to be a handful for Lesnar. Owens has quickly become one of the top superstars. It would be hard to imagine him giving Lesnar the pop up powerbomb and beating Lesnar, but Owens has enough moves that he could carry Lesnar to an amazing match.

The problem with Lesnar's matches is that everything feels so repetitive, but Owens would provide a refreshing change of pace if WWE were to put him with Lesnar.

11 Finn Balor

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It sucked to see Finn Balor be called up from NXT and win the WWE Universal title and then having it relinquished because of a shoulder injury. If he was healthy and still wrestling that would make him a target for every other wrestler including Brock Lesnar.

It would be amazing to see Balor take on Lesnar as the Demon King. It's hard to imagine that the match would be a snoozefest. Balor possesses a lot of speed and he has the ability to go at 100% throughout a match. It's exciting just to think of Balor's demon entrance and wonder whether Lesnar and/or Heyman would evoke concern over whether Balor is something different from what Lesnar has seen. Either way, this feud is definitely worth a try, as it would truly establish Balor as someone who's going to carry the WWE brand for the foreseeable future.

10 Shinsuke Nakamura

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Not many WWE fans know this, but Brock Lesnar and Shinsuke Nakamura actually have some history with each other, going back to New Japan, where the two teamed several times. The King of Strong Style would be a credible threat to Brock Lesnar and Nakamura is super over, which would ensure Lesnar goes into the match as the undisputed heel, whereas Nakamura has garnered the respect of the North American audience in no time.

Nakamura is expected to be called up to the main roster once his current NXT Championship reign is over. When it does end, one of his first feuds should be against Lesnar. Nakamura could easily carry Lesnar to an amazing match and he carries a lot of respectability with him. A match like this would also appeal to an international audience. Perhaps this match could take place at an event in Japan.

9 Samoa Joe

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Samoa Joe is also expected to be called up to the main roster soon and given the fact that he's pushing 40, there likely aren't many great years left in Joe's career. He has a lot of hard miles on his body, as he's always wrestled a very physical style. Since he doesn't have that many years left, WWE should waste no time in finding him a suitable opponent and giving him a run near the top of the card.

Lesnar's current WWE contract runs until WrestleMania 34 and some time in the next year and a half, WWE has to find the time to do a Lesnar vs. Joe feud. Samoa Joe has a toughness about him that's believable in facing Brock Lesnar. The match would be right up Lesnar's alley, as both guys could really put on a brawl, that would push the envelope in this, the PG Era.

8 Don't: AJ Styles

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Being as good as he is, AJ Styles would be broken down if he entered suplex city. Styles may be able to trade blows against Lesnar, but Lesnar will later unleash the beast and aim for his ribs or suplex him. Besides, Styles hasn’t really flourished into the WWE Superstar he was expected to be.

If Styles and Lesnar were to have a match, it's very unlikely WWE would let Styles get the win, and we definitely don't want to see Styles become just another notch in Lesnar's belt. Another potential problem is the fact that Styles is the no.1 heel on SmackDown, but he's extremely over with the crowd. The WWE wouldn't want their top heel getting cheered like crazy in a feud, and that's what would happen if Styles faced Lesnar. It's best to keep letting AJ do his thing on SmackDown.

7 Don't: Dean Ambrose

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The last time Dean Ambrose fought Brock Lesnar was at WrestleMania in a No Holds Barred match where anything was allowed. Ambrose of course was able to get a couple good hits against Lesnar, but still lost. The match was anything but crazy, as it was very slow paced and perhaps the biggest disappointment on the WrestleMania 32 card. Ambrose has since accused Lesnar of phoning it in during that match. Word going around was Lesnar knew he would be fighting at UFC 200 and didn't want to risk any injury.

Well, we've seen Ambrose and Lesnar once and that was enough. Ambrose has since lost the spark that gave him the name of the Lunatic Fringe. He's been very disappointing the last few months, where others have surpassed him in terms of performance in the WWE. We're not clamoring for any rematch here.

6 Don't: Dolph Ziggler

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Dolph Ziggler is a solid WWE superstar whose had a couple pushes and is still chugging along, but Lesnar is a different story. In a match against someone like the beast, Lesnar would just continue to pound Ziggler over and over again until he’s lying there in the ring helpless. Ziggler is one of the best sellers in the business and seeing him sell for Lesnar would truly be something entertaining, but Ziggler hasn't won any big matches in a long time. You would instantly know going into the match that he would just job to Lesnar, so there's really no point in doing this match.

Ziggler's WWE career may be nearing its end and for whatever time Ziggler does have left, it'd be best to keep him against younger stars, whom he could carry to amazing matches.

5 Don't: John Cena

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As much as people love or hate John Cena, he’s still one of the best wrestlers in the company and he's done some of the best work of his career in the past two years. A lot for him has changed since he last fought Lesnar in a one-on-one match back at Night of Champions 2014.

Lesnar has beaten Cena before, but Cena also beat him too so he’d definitely be somebody whom fans can believe would take him down. However at this point, Lesnar and Cena have already fought on three PPVs since Lesnar's 2012 return (and in one triple threat match) so there really is nothing more to do with this rivalry.

The company wouldn't benefit either from another match, as no one has the appetite to see it again. We know the company's tendency to rehash things.

4 Don't: Sami Zayn

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Sami Zayn can continue to prance around and entertain the crowd, but if he ever faced Brock Lesnar the match would be just another squash in favor of Lesnar. A couple body shots and numerous amounts of suplexes, Lesnar could break him for good. He might be able touch Lesnar here and there, but Lesnar would probably just laugh at him and then dominate him.

So a match between Zayn and Lesnar would most likely not last that long. Of course, it’d be nice to see how Zayn would approach him and the end result of the match, but Zayn wouldn’t stand a chance. He's been billed as an underdog in WWE and Lesnar is built as the kind of monster who crushes underdogs. Sami Zayn would be like a lamb being taken to get slaughtered in the ring with Lesnar, so keep him away from the beast if that's the case.

3 Don't: Roman Reigns

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We saw this match at WrestleMania 31. Nobody wanted to see it then and nobody wants to see it now. It was rumored earlier this year that WWE was toying with the idea of having a Reigns/Lesnar rematch at WrestleMania, but thankfully that was changed. While Reigns has definitely shown signs of improvement in the past year, he still hasn't been embraced by the fans and he still hasn't found a gimmick that really works for him. This match can only happen once Reigns truly finds himself as a performer. Right now is simply not the time. If WWE were to do this match again, it would just prove they still haven't learned their lesson with Reigns.

There are plenty of fresh matchups for Lesnar to have and there's no need to go back to a feud that was already a lackluster one back in 2015.

2 Don't: Chris Jericho

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As much as WWE fans dislike Chris Jericho, he has all the abilities and characteristics of a respected wrestler. He’s still the type of person who won’t be quiet until he gets what wants or at least gets the last laugh. Now if he and Brock Lesnar were to fight it’d probably end up being Jericho talking for a good five minutes.

A match between these two would not last long either. It would be more for entertaining to see how long Jericho could last in the ring with Lesnar. While Lesnar and Jericho had a backstage altercation recently (which apparently ended with Jericho getting the better of Lesnar) it's unlikely the WWE would book Jericho as a credible threat to Lesnar. It's for that reason, we'll leave their fighting to backstage.

1 Don't: The Rock

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Okay, so a match between Brock Lesnar and The Rock would give the WWE mainstream attention. Odds are, ESPN and E! would cover it extensively. They'd possibly be able to sell out the stadium in which it would take place (it would only happen at a WrestleMania). Then what? Who wins the match between two part-timers? Where do both guys go after the match is over? The Rock goes back to Hollywood and Lesnar goes back up to his farm in Saskatchewan. There's no long-term benefit in a match like this. It'd just be a quick cash grab.

The WWE should keep Lesnar with young stars who need the spotlight. Word has been that Vince McMahon has wanted to do this match at the last two WrestleManias, but The Rock's filming schedule has conflicted with WrestleMania season. It'd just be best not to do this match.

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