5 Wrestlers Brock Lesnar Had Beef With (& 5 He Loved)

The track record of Brock Lesnar in WWE has created a polarizing reaction to the superstar. Lesnar’s part-time contract sees him work the fewest dates among the active main roster talents for significantly more money. If that wasn’t enough to cause conflict with other performers, Lesnar also is known for shutting down ideas or only agreeing to things in matches that he feels make sense for his character.

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There have been both wrestlers to enjoy working with Brock and wrestlers that loathed it. We will look at both sides of life working with Lesnar in WWE. There are the wrestlers to see Brock develop an issue with them due to differing viewpoints or a moment in a match causing tension. Others have lucked out by always having a good relationship with the beast among men. Find out how things worked out for them with five wrestlers that Lesnar had beef with along with five that he always loved.

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10 Had beef with: Randy Orton

The Summerslam 2016 main event featured Brock Lesnar decimating Randy Orton in uncomfortable fashion. There was a silence from the crowd as Lesner delivered stiff elbows to the head of Orton busting him open in dangerous fashion.

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Orton and Lesnar have yet to work together since the match. Social media posts from Orton have seen him take shots at Lesnar following the match. Orton even referenced it when he was in a #1 contenders’ battle royal for next Undisputed Championship title shot. We can only assume Orton is happier working against Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship instead of Brock.

9 Always loved: Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle was the main rival of Brock Lesnar during his first run in WWE. They shared a mutual respect due to their backgrounds in amateur wrestling. It led to a superb chemistry and tremendous matches between Angle and Lesnar for the WWE Championship.

The two main evented the historic WrestleMania 19 event with the infamous moment of Lesnar missing the Shooting Star Press. Angle helped guided him to end the match as planned with Brock taking the WWE Championship. The two still speak positively about each other when referencing their feud.

8 Had beef with: Chris Jericho

The previously mentioned Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton match at Summerslam 2016 created another new enemy for Lesnar. Chris Jericho was waiting backstage to confront Lesnar for delivering some vicious shots recklessly to another peer in the ring.

Brock and Jericho went face to face culminating with Lesnar reportedly asking Jericho if he was going to kiss him. The two never worked a program together in WWE and it likely was never pitched due to the personal issues between them. Jericho recently took a shot at WWE on social media with Brock won the Universal Championship from Seth Rollins.

7 Always loved: Big Show

Brock Lesnar worked quite a few feuds with Big Show throughout their WWE careers. Big Show was the first man to pin Lesnar and end his WWE Championship run due to a Paul Heyman double cross. Their first feud culminated in a memorable Stretcher Match.

The current run of Lesnar since returning in 2012 featured a couple of feuds with Big Show. One key match came at the Royal Rumble 2014 event a few months before Lesnar ended Undertaker’s undefeated WrestleMania streak. Brock clearly trusted Big Show given his ability to pick or turn down opponents.

6 Had beef with: Dean Ambrose

The match between Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania 32 was one of the biggest disappointments in WrestleMania history. Despite the Street Fight taking place in front of the record-breaking crowd for a WWE event, it came off like a forgettable Raw match.

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Ambrose ripped apart Lesnar in a podcast appearance after leaving WWE for being creatively lazy. The comments claimed that Brock shut down of Ambrose’s ideas and felt he was doing Dean a favor by just wrestling him on the show. Ambrose used the term “ruining the company” when referencing Lesnar getting paid millions by WWE.

5 Always loved: Shelton Benjamin

A forgotten friend of Brock Lesnar going back many years now is Shelton Benjamin. Both wrestlers were the top prospects in OVW developmental for WWE during their younger years, but the friendship formed before then. Benjamin and Lesnar were friends in college together when both wrestled on the Minnesota school team.

WWE would call them both up in the early 2000s as part of the Ruthless Aggression era. Benjamin joined Team Angle and tried to help Kurt Angle get the better of Lesnar. The roles would be reversed many years later as 2019 would see Benjamin wrestle Seth Rollins ahead of the latter’s WrestleMania match against Lesnar with the Shelton/Brock relationship referenced.

4 Had beef with: Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly was primarily a mid-carder in WWE for most of his run. A rare main event opportunity came after the Brock Lesnar accidentally injured the neck of Holly in a match. WWE used the real-life injury to bring Holly back after months of absence trying to get revenge on Lesnar.

This led to the biggest match of Holly’s career at the 2004 Royal Rumble challenging Brock for the WWE Championship. The two had a disappointing match and Holly didn’t even make the WrestleMania 20 card months later. Holly ripped Lesnar in his book for the dangerous injury but later stated things worked out fine between them.

3 Always loved: The Rock

The Rock was the wrestler to most help Brock Lesnar during his major push as the “Next Big Thing.” Lesnar won the WWE Championship within his first five months on the main event when defeating The Rock in the main event of Summerslam 2002.

Most top wrestlers would have refused to put over a young Lesnar, but Rock cleanly took the loss before leaving for Hollywood. Brock remained friends with Rock throughout the years as Rock showed up for one of his UFC fights in the past. A recent interview with Lesnar joked about Rock asking him to appear in his movies but demanding to win their fight.

2 Had beef with: Braun Strowman

Braun Strowman had a few matches with Brock Lesnar in recent years for the Universal Championship. Quite a bit of the momentum gained by Strowman was lost after taking losses to Lesnar on multiple occasions. One specific match highlighted a problem between the two.

The Royal Rumble 2018 event featured Brock, Braun, and Kane facing off in a triple threat match. Lesnar felt Strowman was working recklessly with his offense in the ring and returned the favor with a visibly stiff shot to Braun. No one wants to feel a real punch from Brock in any scenario.

1 Always loved: Goldberg

The horrible WrestleMania 20 match between Brock Lesnar and Goldberg featured them each leaving the company in embarrassing fashion. Many fans assumed they held ill will towards the other for such a disappointing match, but they remained friends throughout the years.

Lesnar was partially responsible for Goldberg having such a strong return with their feud culminating again at WrestleMania 33. Shane McMahon was set up to face Brock after Summerslam, but Lesnar apparently didn’t want that.

Goldberg’s return would see him destroy Lesnar within seconds at Survivor Series to set up the WrestleMania match. Brock’s friendship gave Goldberg his best WWE run later than expected.

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