Brock Lesnar Explains Why He Re-signed With WWE

Brock Lesnar has officially closed the door on a UFC return and his MMA career all together. In an interview on ESPN SportsCenter, Lesnar announced that he signed a multi-year deal with the WWE at Monday Night Raw in Los Angeles this past Monday. Lesnar said Vince McMahon 'made him an offer he couldn't refuse.'

Lesnar explains that he's happy where he is now, working a limited schedule and is in much better health now than he was back in his UFC career, He's also financially secure and gets to spend more time with his family.

He also said he's having a lot of fun with the WWE and it was something he couldn't walk away from.

For Lesnar, the move makes total sense. He's treated like a king in WWE and he doesn't put up with the stuff he doesn't like about the wrestling business, i.e the grind, the travel, etc... He just goes out there, has fun, suplexes, repeats. Sounds like a fun job to me.

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