Did Brock Lesnar Get Injured At Survivor Series?

While it's yet to be confirmed, fans were left worrying about the health of Brock Lesnar following his match with AJ Styles. It was a match that came up last minute when AJ Styles pinned Jinder Mahal to win the WWE Championship. It was a match that was then billed as a marquee bout between a high-flyer in AJ Styles versus "The Beast" and destructive Brock Lesnar. It had all the makings of a classic. Still, not many people gave Styles a chance to come out as the victor.

The bout between Lesnar and Styles began all Lesnar. Throwing Styles around the ring like a rag doll, AJ mounted very little offense and Lesnar was able to set the pace and toy with his opponent. Any attempts at a comeback were swiftly thwarted by "The Beast" and it the match began to look eerily similar to when Lesnar dominated John Cena a few years ago. It wasn't until Lesnar missed a running knee lift into the corner that AJ was able to capitalize and start to work on Lesnar's leg.


Styles began to work his way back into the contest hitting some of his signature moves and some high spots including flying forearms and a 450-degree splash. The tide really turned when Styles was able to apply the calf-crusher. It almost looked as though Styles stood a chance to complete the comeback and score an upset.

At the end of the day, it was all for not as Styles got caught trying to deliver another top-rope flying forearm and got caught into the F5, eventually losing to Lesnar by a three-count pin. It was a great match but more interesting was the ending as Lesnar visibly hobbled and held his left knee.

Not known for selling major injuries at any point in his career, Lesnar was either heavily selling the work Styles had done to his leg or he was legitimately hurt. The fact that Lesnar seemed to have trouble gaining his balance as he caught Styles for the finish also suggested Lesnar having difficulty putting significant weight on that leg.

There is no word on if Lesnar is doing a good job selling the match or has an actual injury. The WWE is sure to update fans after the Survivor Series show comes to an end.


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