Here Comes The Pain: 10 Most Brutal Matches Of Brock Lesnar's Wrestling Career

Brock Lesnar didn't get the nickname "The Beast Incarnate" because a marketing team came up with it. There are few ways to describe a guy with his physical tools and Paul Heyman coined the term at his peak of "beastliness." Brock Lesnar has had monumental victories in WWE history, such as defeating The Rock to become the youngest ever WWE Champion. Ending The Streak at WrestleMania XXX. While important in the record books, those matches don't make this list for the pure reason they simply aren't violent enough.

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The hallmark of Brock Lesnar as an attraction is that you'll see something with him nobody else can deliver. Physical feats, from a man his size, of devastating brutality. It's a formula that works as well today as it might've in the Colosseum of ancient Rome. If you want blood, violence, and most importantly, brutality, look these matches up.

10 Vs Cena: SummerSlam '14

After Brock defeated The Undertaker and broke The Streak at WrestleMania XXX, the next person in the ring with The Beast was doomed. There was zero chance that WWE would squander that moment. They'd want to reinforce it with a devastating showing to elevate Brock beyond mortal superstars.

This match did just that. Taking WWE's poster boy and crushing him with almost zero sweat (figuratively) put Brock Lesnar on a level above anyone and everyone. 16 suplexes kicked off the 'Suplex City' era before it was even named as such.

9 Vs Hulk Hogan, Smackdown

Brock Lesnar smearing The Hulkster's blood across his chest is one of the most indelible sights in Smackdown history. Hogan's last run as a regular wrestler let him occasionally lose to the upcoming generation, but none like this.

Manhandling Hulk Hogan like the figurative bear of his bearhug had fans in tears. It was the ultimate physical endorsement of Brock's legitimacy in WWE. He literally squeezed the life out of The Immortal One en route to victory.

8 Vs Randy Orton, SummerSlam '16

The infamous match where Brock uncorked his 'Death Elbows' and split Orton open. It's still unnerving to watch today as Lesnar slices his elbow across Randy's brow and effortlessly gets the blood pooling on the mat. Post-match Shane McMahon got a serving of violence as well.

So brutal was this match, backstage, Chris Jericho confronted Lesnar about the way the match ended. You know a match was insane when a veteran like Jericho felt the need to kick up a stink over it.

7 Vs Kofi Kingston, Beast In The East

It wasn't a long match but it lived up to its billing. Only a few short years ago, Kofi Kingston wasn't in Brock's stratosphere. Brock took the opportunity to use him like a ragdoll. While Kofi managed to flip through the first German Suplex, the second one was the definition of 'high and tight', with Kofi coming down really ugly on his shoulders, head, and neck.

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The rest was a one-sided exhibition of power, made more so when post-match Brock handled Xavier Woods and Big E just as easily to top it off.

6 Vs Roman Reigns, Wrestlemania 31

A year removed from ending The Streak, Brock went after WWE's new poster boy. Taking his opponent on a trip to Suplex City, Brock tossed Roman around like the proverbial sack of Samoan potatoes.

For every hint of Roman beginning a flurry, Lesnar shut him down with a move that seemed borderline criminal. A wide variety of high-velocity suplexes, decapitating clotheslines, and breathtaking knees had Roman looking like meat in Rocky's freezer.

5 Vs Big Show, Royal Rumble '14

Less a match and more a chance for Brock to work out some anger issues on a big target. Brock postponed the beginning of the match by repeatedly smashing a steel chair across Big Show's back, arm, and body. He effectively ensured an easy nights work for himself once the bell actually rang. He finished the match with one of his unsung moments of ridiculous power when he hoisted Big Show into position for the F5.

The thing is, Lesnar stumbled around and had to compensate for the heft, and anyone who lifts knows that regaining lost control takes even more insane strength. He topped all that off with more post-match chair beating. A real display.

4 Vs SummerSlam '13 Vs CM Punk

The 2nd most competitive match on this list, CM Punk punched well above his weight. One of Brock's most entertaining matches ever, the pair smashed into each other and stole the show. Punk still took all the requisite brutality though. Suplexes on the outside, getting stomped under announce desk debris, bear-club clotheslines, and knee-lifts that lifted Punk off of the ground, everything.

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Even an ultra-rare, running powerbomb got uncorked in this one. Brock took his share of the brutality though, including a steel chair-assisted top rope elbow drop. A glorious display from both men, with additional credit to Paul Heyman for his added antics.

3 Vs Hardcore Holly, Smackdown Sept '02

A conventional match that ended with a horrific injury. A botched powerbomb at the end led to Lesnar dumping Hardcore Holly on his neck. In his book, Holly doesn't blame Lesnar for the incident, but it doesn't make it any less gruesome.

Amazingly, Holly continued the match after the injury, even throwing his trademark dropkick. Thankfully it wasn't a long match, but that one moment is worthy of the 'brutal' label all on its own. Interesting side note, this took place the same episode where Billy and Chuck were going to have their commitment ceremony.

2 Vs Jeff Hardy, Backlash '02

Brock's first PPV match and the one where his dominant, overwhelming power was on full display. Few people can make a devastating beating look practically cinematic, but Jeff Hardy is a rare exception. Combine that with Lesnar's preternatural power and it was both beautiful and ugly to watch.

Moreover, this sent the message that Paul Heyman's 'Next Big Thing' was the real deal. "Don't pin 'em! Hurt 'em!" Heyman bellowed from ringside, as Brock ended the match with a series of the most brutal powerbombs you'll ever see.

1 Vs The Undertaker, No Mercy '02

If you want Hell In A Cell in all it's glory, this is the match you go to. A bloodbath between two huge forces all within the confines of the 'demonic structure'. Both men bled, Paul Heyman bled, they used the interior of the Cell in ways never seen before or since, and it was amazingly violent.

Of all the matches between these two, this is the one that sits at the top of their rivalry in terms of match quality, and it's still Brock Lesnar's finest performance of brutal beauty.

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