Brock Lesnar Outranks Vince McMahon When It Comes To Booking His Own Creative

It's often been rumored that Brock Lesnar is completely in control of what he does and doesn't do in WWE and sadly, that appears to be the case.

Wrestling fans have been up in arms about a couple of things over the course of the last few days. On Sunday night, a Hell In A Cell match ended in disqualification. By the match type's very nature, a DQ finish should not be allowed to happen, hence the outrage. Two days prior to that match, Kofi Kingston lost the WWE Title to Brock Lesnar.

Most fans had likely come to terms with the fact that Kingston would be losing the match to Lesnar shortly after it was first announced. However, it's the nature in which Kingston lost the championship that has led to backlash. The former champ ran at The Beast only to be thrown up on his shoulders, F-5ed, and pinned.

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All of this begs the question: who okayed that decision? Understandably, the finger of blame tends to fall on Vince McMahon. However, according to Wrestling Observer Radio (H/T Ringside News ), if McMahon had decided to do something different, he might well have been overruled. Not by Triple H, not by the creative team, but by Lesnar himself. Dave Meltzer has reported that Lesnar has complete creative control over what he does in WWE.

"Brock is the one who calls the shots, not Vince, and Brock can get away with anything," Meltzer revealed on WOR. Apparently, the new WWE Champion is only losing when he wants to lose, and he clearly didn't want to lose to Kingston. If true, it's interesting that Lesnar was okay to lose back-to-back matches to Seth Rollins this year. Clearly, the former UFC man sees something in The Architect that he doesn't see in Kingston.

As frustrating as this will be to hear for some, what makes it even worse is that when he wants to be, Lesnar is still a terrific worker. He has proved that via recent matches with Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, and Finn Balor. If we were Kingston, we would actually be quite offended by how his shot at Lesnar went down, especially if The Beast was really the one who pitched the idea. Now, we wonder what Cain Velasquez will think of Lesnar's creative ideas.

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