5 Reasons Brock Lesnar Should Stay In WWE (& 5 He Should Go Back To UFC)

One of the most polarizing figures in professional wrestling today is Brock Lesnar.  Whether you love him or hate him, you are invested in seeing what he does to one degree or another.  Outside of WWE, Lesnar has attempted to leave his stamp other places in the world of sports.  Lesnar has spent training camp with the Minnesota Vikings and (more notably) had a mixed martial arts run where he became UFC Heavyweight Champion.

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Although Lesnar has his interests seemingly firmly planted with WWE, he has gone back to the UFC for a fight at UFC 200 in a victory-later turned no contest- against Mark Hunt.  Additionally, other fights have been teased over the past few years, including challenges from Alistair Overeem and Daniel Cormier.  Ultimately, there are arguments for Brock Lesnar to stay with WWE or to return for a super fight or two in the UFC.  Here are 5 Reasons Brock Lesnar Should Stay In WWE (5 He Should Go Back To UFC).

10 Stay In WWE: Money

We'll start with the prime reason, the almighty dollar.  In spite of rumors around their personal feelings towards eachother, Brock Lesnar is a cash cow for Vince McMahon.  The hardcore wrestling fan may not like

Brock for numerous reasons (booking and light schedule among others) but he is going to be around for a very long time.  He makes too much money for WWE not to keep him around.  With the Saudi Arabia deal as well as the $1 billion deal with Fox, WWE has plenty of reasons to showcase The Beast moving forward.

9 Return To UFC: Money

While Vince McMahon has an infinite amount of resources at his disposal in order to attract Brock Lesnar, so does Dana White.  While nobody can realistically expect Brock Lesnar to return to a long, fulfilling MMA career, the possibility of a number of attractive fights are available.  If the price is right, surely Vince McMahon and Dana White can work something out.

8 Stay In WWE: Booking

While employed by Vince McMahon, one thing Brock will likely always be able to count on is no matter what happens, he will never look weak.  Throughout Brock's tenure in WWE, we have seen him tear through his opponents with reckless abandon defeating them with ease.

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Even in defeat, we have seen Brock very protected.  He did not lose to Seth Rollins (in the opening match, mind you) at Wrestlemania 35 without the help of a low blow.  Additionally, Brock will take other Superstars out with one F-5, and he will eat finisher after finisher from others and come out virtually unscathed.

7 Return to UFC: UFC Heavyweight Division

The UFC Heavyweight division is not what it once was.  What was once a very deep, full class has been thinned out in many ways.  There is plenty of opportunity for Brock Lesnar to get back into the mix fairly seamlessly and return to dominance in short order.

6 Stay In WWE: FOX Network

With Friday Night SmackDown now on Fox, we have seen Brock reap the benefits of such a platform as he wrestled on WWE television for the first time in 15 years and won the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston.

With $1 billion on the table from Fox, hopefully it will not be another 15 years before we see Brock wrestle on free TV again.

5 Return To UFC: Superfights

One enticing aspect of Lesnar returning to the UFC is the aspect of potential blockbuster superfights.  Over time, potential bouts with Alistair Overeem, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Jones have been teased.

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Fans have most recently gotten excited with the thought of the latter of the three, with Jones saying on Twitter that he would "embarass" Brock if they ever met inside the octagon. Surely if there were something to lure Brock to make some more money in the UFC, a fight with Jones would be at the top of the list.

4 Stay In WWE: Cain Velasquez

We saw this in the octagon, and now it looks like two of the best heavyweights in the world will square off once again in the squared circle.  We saw Cain Velazquez debut on the inaugural Friday Night Smackdown on Fox, and all indications are that he and Brock are going to go one-on-one in Saudi Arabia at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

Eric Kravit, play-by-play announcer for the PAL Junior Islanders, and host of Billy And The Krav says "even though no wrestling fan cares about Cain Velasquez, they are watching regardless. Brock and Cain feuding can only lead to new eyes on the product, not losing old ones."

3 Return to UFC: Title Unification

It has been teased in recent years, but as Brock Lesnar is now the WWE Champion, the thought behind the idea of unifying the WWE and UFC Heavyweight Championships is very real.  Paul Heyman has even spoken up on the issue in the past.  Although a fight to do so with Daniel Cormier is unlikely to happen, there is certainly precedent for Brock to fight for a UFC Championship without climbing much of a ladder.

2 Stay In WWE: Tyson Fury

This would be a little down the line, but what a dream match this would be for WWE.  Lesnar vs. Fury in a WWE ring has money written all over it.  Fury seems a bit busy at the moment with Braun Strowman.  That being said, if he is sticking around for a bit this would be a clash fans would love.

1 Return to UFC: Unfinished Business

Through multiple stints with the UFC, Brock Lesnar has fought diverticulitis and tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.  It is entirely plausible to think that Brock would want another UFC run on his terms and go out into the sunset with nothing negative lingering over his head.  Brock may feel he has something to prove with one last go in the UFC.  With prominent heavyweights like Randy Couture and Mark "The Hammer" Coleman taking fights well into their 40's, there would certainly be room for Brock Lesnar to join that club

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