Brock Lesnar Was To Have Gay WWE Character


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We all know Brock Lesnar as the unstoppable monster in WWE, the utter badass who has proven himself as a main event star. But his WWE character could have been far, far different and an interesting turn on a cliché.

In an interview with the Wrestling Observer, former WWE writer Brian Solomon says he pitched the idea to Stephanie McMahon in 2002 of Lesnar being built up as the monster he became but then reveal to the fans he was actually homosexual. The idea was that Lesnar wouldn't play up to any of the wrestling stereotypes of gay men with prancing or speech and such but still be a total ass-kicker who just happened to be gay. Brock wouldn't make an issue of it although the idea was that heels would take shots at his homosexuality but then get crushed by Brock which would make him a babyface for fans.

According to Solomon, Stephanie liked the idea and thought it would make WWE look good by giving a "strong gay character" and win points with the progressive community. However, it never went ahead (some might speculate Brock himself wasn't eager to push the idea of him being gay in real life) although it would end up being adapted into the now infamous Billy & Chuck angle.

On the one hand, it may be a missed opportunity to offer something positive from WWE or the angle could have turned out as wretched as Billy & Chuck was and thus dodging a bullet. Either way, we can agree Brock turned out all right but still fascinating to see how differently his WWE tenure could have been.

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