Brock Lesnar Will Defend His Title At An All New WWE PPV

Given Brock Lesnar's cushy schedule with the WWE, we knew it would be a little while before he defended the Universal Championship that he won when he defeated Goldberg at WrestleMania 33 on April 2nd. Well, the time has finally come (well, the date is set at least), but not at the assumed PPV.

You see, while the WWE had initially announced July 9th as the date for the Bad Blood RAW PPV in Hartford, Connecticut - those plans have changed. And not only will the July 9th RAW PPV be in a different location, it will also have a different name. Yup, we are getting an all new PPV.

It will take place in Dallas, Texas at the American Airlines Center and it will be called... are you ready for it?... Great Balls of Fire. And no, as the above video shows, unfortunately that name isn't a joke!

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