5 Wrestlers That Brock Lesnar Had Beef With (& 5 That He Loves)

Brock Lesnar is an incredibly private person, with very little about his personal life being known as he keeps himself to himself. However, over the years little snippets have come out about the Beast and his WWE colleagues.

Everyone always wants to learn more about Lesnar, because he is such a once in a lifetime style athlete, but his intimidating presence doesn't appear to just be a 'gimmick' as Lesnar has been known to have some major fallouts with wrestlers in real life.

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But even though he may appear incredibly scary on the outside, Lesnar does have a great personality, as has been shown throughout his career and because of that, he has also made some great friendships. Within this list, we will be taking a look at five people he loves in wrestling, and five he has had beef with.

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10 Had Beef With: Chris Jericho

Most people would never even imagine crossing Brock Lesnar in real life, as just taking one look at the Beast would be enough to put most off. But Chris Jericho isn't an ordinary man either, with the wrestling legend not being afraid of Brock.

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Following the controversial finish to Lesnar's SummerSlam match with Randy Orton, Jericho (not knowing the finish was planned) hit Gorilla position and immediately went for the Beast, thinking he had just legitimately hurt his friend.

Whilst their issues were resolved, Jericho has continued to make it clear he doesn't like Lesnar, refusing to have him on his podcast, whilst the former UFC star likely isn't too fond of Chris either.

9 He Loves: Goldberg

Goldberg might be Brock Lesnar's biggest ever WWE rival, with the two men having gone to war with each other at WrestleMania 33, but that doesn't mean that they don't get along behind the scenes.

In fact, they actually get along very well with each other, likely because of how their careers in wrestling have gone, with both men having similar destructive careers that led to them being booked as equals to one another.

As two very macho men who are equally proud to be family men, they have forged a great relationship, which is why Paul Heyman always praises the former WCW star in promos.

8 Had Beef With: Randy Orton

You would think that two legends like Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar would get along well after sharing the same locker room for as long as they have, but there is a reason they haven't worked together since their infamous SummerSlam match.

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Lesnar busted Orton open in a move that was supposed to take just one unprotected shot but ended up taking tons repeatedly, which seemed to infuriate the Viper.

Orton has slyly taken shots at Lesnar on social media ever since that moment whenever his name has come up, perhaps indicating things were never fully worked out.

7 He Loves: Kurt Angle

No wrestler ever managed to bring out more of Brock Lesnar's comedic personality than Kurt Angle who was involved in some absolutely ridiculous segments with the Beast that showed a completely new side of him.

Angle has always stated in interviews that the former UFC star is one of his closest friends in the business with the two men always remaining close from Lesnar's first run with the company.

Of course, when Angle made his return to WWE the two men were reunited and their friendship has no doubt managed to get even stronger since then.

6 Had Beef With: Shinsuke Nakamura

You might be thinking, 'why on earth do Brock Lesnar and Shinsuke Nakamura not get along, they haven't interacted together,' but following Lesnar's original WWE run, the Beast joined New Japan for a brief stint.

Within that run, he actually competed in a match against Nakamura and that is where their issues came. Lesnar apparently had no respect for the Japanese wrestling culture and had totally checked out of wrestling by this point.

In Nakamura's own book he admits that following the match, it was the first time he cried after wrestling due to how he felt following their exchange together, admitting he felt disrespected.

5 He Loves: Triple H

A lot of Brock Lesnar's WWE friendships come through respect, which is why whenever the Beast works with someone more than once you know there is a good chance that he respects them and wants to face them.

Triple H is one man who Lesnar has faced on multiple occasions throughout his lengthy career and the two men have always gotten along well, even if they aren't best friends who spend tons of time together.

The Game is one of the men who has pushed WWE to keep bringing Lesnar back with new contracts as he knows full well how important he can be to the company.

4 Had Beef With: Shane McMahon

People standing up to Brock Lesnar in Gorilla position seems to be something that happens more often than most normal people would expect, but then again, Shane McMahon doesn't seem to be scared of anything in life.

Shane reportedly stood up to Brock following the WrestleMania 34 main event when the Beast entered the backstage area and launched the Universal Championship towards Vince McMahon, swearing at him in the process.

Due to the disrespect, this obviously showed his own father, Shane reportedly stood up to Brock, but the two men only ended up trading verbal blows, with nothing physical taking place.

3 He Loves: The Rock

Brock Lesnar and The Rock didn't get to have tons of time to connect during their respective WWE careers as they didn't share the locker room for too long, but the time they spent clearly kept them close.

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The Rock went on to dominate the acting world whilst Lesnar did the same with the MMA world and there is clear respect between the two huge icons that is great to see, despite the fact that they seem like very different people.

Dwayne Johnson went out of his way to view Lesnar's UFC fights, with video footage capturing the People's Champion backstage in Lesnar's changing rooms following one fight.

2 Had Beef With: Dean Ambrose

These two men were like chalk and cheese when they came together for a WrestleMania 32 match, with Dean Ambrose wanting to do plenty of crazy things in their match, whilst Brock Lesnar wasn't interested in the slightest.

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Normally, Lesnar's backstage issues are kept very private, but this fallout was made very public when Ambrose opened up about the situation on an episode of Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcast, which was live on the WWE Network no less.

Ambrose has been very vocal about not getting along with Lesnar, but now he is in AEW it is very unlikely that they will ever have to cross paths again.

1 He Loves: The Undertaker

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are just two men cut from the same cloth, and it isn't too surprising to know that they get along behind the scenes as they are both incredibly well-respected individuals in the locker room.

Both men like to keep their private lives exactly that and they are able to connect quietly behind the scenes. With both men having an avid love of MMA and hunting, the two men have formed quite a bond over the years.

The clear reason that they are friends is the fact Undertaker allowed Lesnar to be the man who ended his WrestleMania streak, something that he handpicked, showing how much he respects the Beast.

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