Broken Friendships: 15 Wrestlers That Still Don’t Speak

The wrestling business is one of the more difficult industries to find friendship in. Everyone is competing with each other for the top spots. You have to outshine and outperform your peers to move up the rankings. That can make a professional relationship turn into a personal rivalry. Most wrestlers enter top promotions wanting to have a solid working relationship and potential friendship with most of their co-workers. That rarely plays out, with drama and pressure of the competitive atmosphere causing issues between wrestlers.

This was especially true during the eras of past rosters. Scott Hall often said wrestling was "show business, not the friendship business." Most wrestlers fell under that belief, leading to friendships falling apart. The ugly drama to come from the politics and personal animosity in wrestling are enough to cause two people to never want to speak to each other again.

Times have changed and wrestlers appear to be more cordial these days, but the ugliness still finds a way to resurface. Former friends and colleagues turn into enemies over the years with the bond being unable to reform. We’ll look at some of the high profile instances of friends turning into enemies with the fifteen pairs of wrestlers that are forever broken.

15 CM Punk and Jeff Hardy


CM Punk and Jeff Hardy had one of the best WWE feuds of the past decade. They used elements of reality with Hardy’s controversial lifestyle and Punk’s straight edge beliefs being mixed into the storyline. Punk evolved into WWE’s best heel by tapping into the real belief he held about Hardy’s issues. The two reportedly always got along in the WWE before this program got personal.

14 Michael Cole and Tazz


The resurgence of SmackDown as a brand following the brand split this year is similar to the first year of the original split back in 2002. Michael Cole and Tazz emerged as a fun commentary team on the blue brand, developing great chemistry. They became close friends with Cole helping Tazz in his new career as a broadcaster following his retirement from the ring.

13 Vince McMahon and Vince Russo


Vince Russo is rightfully viewed as a desperate pundit searching for relevancy and attention in the form of hot takes via his podcast. Before turning into a joke within the wrestling business, Russo did play a large role in the writing of the WWE shows during the Attitude Era. The bitter ending of him walking out with no warning for a higher paying job in WCW ended a lot of his relationships.

12 Steve Austin and Bob Holly

The toughness of Steve Austin and Bob Holly each made them have a respect for one another in the early stages of their careers. Both were hard workers trying their best to make it in the world of professional wrestling. Holly said Austin rode with him and Billy Gunn during Austin’s first years in WWE, as they struck up a good friendship.

11 Paul London and Matt Hardy

Paul London and Matt Hardy always had a lot in common. Both men loved the wrestling industry and achieved their lifelong dreams when joining the WWE. Hardy and London each were regarded for their superb in-ring skills. So, it made sense that they struck a friendship when working together on the SmackDown brand during the original brand split. That changed when a love triangle made things complicated.

10 Diamond Dallas Page and Scott Steiner


The top wrestlers in WCW typically had drama going back and forth at all times during the Monday Night Wars. WCW top stars had massive contracts and that led to egos continuously expanding. One incident of drama going too far saw Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page get into a fight backstage. They always got along well until Steiner started to develop his new unpredictable personality.

9 Alberto Del Rio and Sin Cara


The Mexican wrestling scene typically sees the wrestling style of Lucha Libre. Despite the style being very entertaining and of its own genre, most of the wrestlers in Mexico hope to make it to the United States earning a WWE contract. Two wrestlers made it there at the same time and actually ended up hating each other instead of uniting.

8 A.J. Styles and Dixie Carter


Most wrestling fans would easily select A.J. Styles as the greatest TNA wrestler of all time. Styles gave his all to TNA, but they typically chose bigger names with past success over him such as Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Sting. Despite frustrations, Styles remained loyal to TNA until they asked him to take a drastic pay cut.

Dixie Carter was the head of TNA and all of the big decisions came back to her. Styles refused to sign a new contract until the money offer improved and he would ultimately walk away. Carter and Styles were viewed to have had a close relationship, but the ugly end to his time there saw that end.

7 CM Punk and Hornswoggle

CM Punk has one of the strangest personalities in wrestling, making it tough to be his friend. Only a handful of wrestlers have been able to keep a friendship with him going through the years without having an ugly falling out. Punk made a lot of friends in the WWE, but lost most of them when leaving the company in dramatic fashion.

6 Hulk Hogan and Scott Steiner


Scott Steiner had a good relationship with Hulk Hogan and the two considered each other friends for a short time period. Steiner's big singles push started by joining the New World Order and working alongside Hogan for quite some time. However, Steiner has revealed that he always noticed Hogan and Eric Bischoff abusing power to hold others down.

5 Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy


Mr. Kennedy's ascension in the WWE during 2005 saw him look like a future main event star. Kennedy defeated the likes of Eddie Guerrero, Booker T and The Undertaker in his first few months to build up credibility. Injuries and bad luck ruined his chances of finally moving into the World Title picture on multiple occasions. Then, Kennedy saw his WWE career end in shocking fashion.

4 Nikki Bella and Maria Kanellis


The original season of Total Divas was rumored to feature The Bella Twins, Maria Kanellis, Kelly Kelly and Maryse all returning to the WWE to be the stars of the reality show. Rumors indicated that they all held out together to get a better offer from the WWE, before The Bellas turned their backs on their friends to take a bigger contract without telling the other three.

3 Matt Hardy and Edge


One of the most controversial endings to a friendship featured the love triangle between Lita, Matt Hardy and Edge bleeding onto the on-screen product. Hardy and Lita dated for many years until it was discovered that she was cheating with fellow wrestler Edge. This would have been bad under any circumstance, but things were made worse due to the fact that Edge and Matt were extremely close.

2 CM Punk and Colt Cabana


CM Punk and Colt Cabana always had one of the best friendships you could find in the wrestling business. They trained together in Chicago as they started to make their names in independent wrestling and Ring of Honor. Punk blossomed into a massive WWE star and Cabana struggled to get a chance in the biggest wrestling promotion, forcing him to return to his independent roots.

1 Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan


The evolution of the WWE from another wrestling promotion into a mainstream entity started with both Vince McMahon’s vision and Hulk Hogan’s star power. McMahon ushered WWE into the future with his belief of it becoming a global brand. Hogan was the face of the company that the fans and media bought into. They achieved huge goals together to help get WWE to where it is today.

The egos of both men unfortunately led to them clashing numerous times through the years. Hogan would have an ugly falling out with McMahon every single time, until the recent ending where Hogan did it to himself. A sex tape reveal with a racist tirade saw Hogan shamed and the WWE made him hit the bricks. McMahon definitely wasn’t loyal to Hogan after all the bad blood. The two may do business again, but they’ll never be friends or on speaking terms due to their broken relationship.

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Broken Friendships: 15 Wrestlers That Still Don’t Speak