Broken Hardy Backstage Update: GFW Owner Will Not Negotiate

GFW Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm has said that he is done talking about the conflict over the Broken gimmick short of being taken to court.

In 2016 The Hardy Boyz's Broken gimmick put TNA back on the map. At one point it appeared to be one of the only things keeping the company's proverbial head above water. One year on and Matt and Jeff are in WWE, very unbroken, and embroiled in what feels like an eternal fight with their former employers, now known as Global Force Wrestling. There has been an awful lot of back and forth, some of it pretty nasty, but now it would appear that GFW Executive Vice President Ed Nordholm has finally had enough.

Nordholm had a lot to say recently about the situation between his own company and The Hardys. Ed has claimed that he owns the Broken gimmick, and that's effectively the be all end all of it. Nordholm allegedly attempted to come to an agreement with Matt and Jeff as a goodwill gesture to his former employees but those discussions have fallen through so he is done trying to come to any sort of agreement with them.

The latest thoughts from Nordholm came to light during an interview he conducted with Sports Illustrated last week. As well as saying that he had tried to do something to benefit the Hardys despite already knowing that he owns the Broken gimmick, he also made it clear that he is done with negotiations. Nordholm said that he and the rest of the higher ups have a business to run at GFW and that they have bigger things on their plate than the 'Broken Brilliance'.

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The Hardy Boyz returned to WWE at WrestleMania 33, winning the Raw Tag Team Championships on their first night back. Ever since their return fans have been waiting with baited breath to see if Matt would become Broken and Jeff's alter ego, Brother Nero, would shine through. Despite glimmers of it from both men, so far no luck, and if Ed Nordholm's claims that he owns the gimmick are true then it's no surprise as to why we haven't seen a fully fledged version of it in WWE as of yet.


Nordholm may claim that he is done arguing with the Hardy family over the Broken gimmick, but dollars to donuts this battle is far from over. Matt and his wife Reby will not give up on the rights to the gimmick simply because Ed says so, and their Twitter onslaught will undoubtedly continue. Short of going to court to settle it once and for all the Broken Brilliance saga looks set to continue on for a while yet.

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