Brooke Hogan vs Linda Hogan: Who's More Attractive?

In this edition of “Who’s Hotter,” we have a rare contest between two relatives. In fact, Linda Hogan is actually the mother of her article mate, Brooke Hogan. Brooke may have age on her side, but don’t be quick to count out the wily cougar; this competition might be closer than some fans realize.

Brooke Hogan is a 5-foot-11 blonde who is best known for being the daughter of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan. She has been involved in music, reality television and of course, professional wrestling. The 29-year-old is one of the most attractive pop culture celebrities in the world today.

Linda Hogan is best known for being the ex-wife of pro wrestling icon Hulk Hogan. The 5-foot-9 blonde became a celebrity in her own right when she appeared with her family on the hit VH1 reality television series, Hogan Knows Best. Since her divorce, the 58-year-old has made headlines for a number of reasons, which we’ll cover later in the article.

It’s time to decide once and for all, which of these two Hogan Knows Best stars reigns supreme in the hotness department. Is it the young budding singer Brooke, or the elder, but still quite charming, Linda?

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15 Brooke: Black Dress

via zimbio.com

Brooke Hogan looks more than ready to turn a few heads in this stunning black dress. The tall blonde smiles seductively for the camera, as she poses in front of this black SUV. The image highlights the reality stars impressive fashion sense and her prominent curves. Hogan is definitely ready to take the world by storm in her gorgeous attire.

Fun Fact: From 2012 to 2013, Brooke Hogan was a member of the Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) roster. Her father, Hulk Hogan, was also with the company at the time and likely played a significant role in getting his daughter hired. She was used primarily as an on-screen authority figure who was focused on trying to promote the company’s female division. When Hulk left the company in 2013, Brooke would go on to be released from her contract.

14 Linda: Strike A Pose

via Wikifeet.com

Honestly, in some of these photos, it can be difficult to tell Linda and Brooke apart. For clarification purposes, this photo is of the elder of the two Hogan females. Linda appears to be in great shape as she poses for the photographer in this stylish top. The 58-year-old’s warm smile helps to make this one of the most flattering images of the former reality star.

Fun Fact: Linda and Hulk met at a restaurant in California and were involved in a long distance relationship for two years afterward. The couple would go on to wed in 1983. Apparently, the wedding was something of a star-studded affair, as wrestling stars like Andre The Giant and Vince McMahon were in attendance. The marriage would last from 1983 to 2009.

13 Brooke: Bikini Stroll

Via Bellazon.com

At just under 6-feet tall, with an impressive physique, Brooke Hogan could easily be mistaken for a model. The blonde bombshell shows off some of the assets that helped make her famous, in this stunning bikini pic. Hogan has a bikini bod that even a swimsuit model would likely envy, as one can see from this lovely image. There are certainly more than a few guys out there who would love to take a stroll on the beach with the former reality star.

Fun Fact: Brooke Hogan made her pro wrestling debut back in 2006. She appeared on an episode of WWE’s Saturday Night’s Main Event with her father. The episode showed wrestler Randy Orton flirting with Brooke, as part of a storyline, which would lead to match between Orton and Hulk Hogan at SummerSlam that year.

12 Linda: Black & White Fun

via twitter.com

Linda Hogan shows off her playful side in this artistic black and white photograph. The full figured blonde displays her prominent top half as she smiles for the camera. The former reality star looks half her age as she poses in her revealing black lingerie, in an image that her fans are sure to love. It’s easy to see why Hogan has been able to date younger guys in the past.

Fun Fact: After she had separated from Hulk Hogan, Linda made headlines by dating a much younger man. The former wrestling wife was romantically linked to a fellow named Charley Hill. Hill was just 19 years of age when the couple started dating; Linda was 48 at the time. The two were even engaged at one point but ultimately split before the wedding took place.

11 Brooke: Winning Smile

via Pinterest.com

Brooke Hogan almost looks ready to attend a beach wedding in this beautiful white dress. The former wrestling starlet smiles for the camera while showing off her fashionable beach attire. The outfit definitely serves to showcase the bleached blonde beauty's upper body. The pop culture sensation helps produce another lovely photo for her adoring fans around the globe.

Fun Fact: In 2015 Brooke Hogan stared in the horror-comedy film L.A. Slasher. In the movie, she played the role of “The Reality Star” which makes sense given her background in reality television. The film also featured another star from the wrestling world, Dave Bautista, who played a drug dealer. The film did not receive the best reception from critics. In fact, Martin Tsai of the Los Angeles Times even referred to the motion picture as “vile” and “worthless. “

10 Linda: Cashing In

via Flickr.com

This memorable photo shows the former wrestling wife stuffing her bra with cash. The good news, for Linda at least, is that she has a lot of bills; the bad news is that they are all ones. Hogan playfully models her bleached blonde hair in a photo that is definitely on the money. It’s good to see that she was able to cash in on her reality television success with this humorous photo.

Fun Fact: In 1978, Linda Hogan appeared as a contestant on the panel game show known as Match Game. The object of the show was to answer the fill-in-the-blank questions and match answers with celebrity guests. The show disappeared for several years, but resurfaced in 2016 and is currently hosted by Alec Baldwin.

9 Brooke: City View

via Last.fm

Despite the fact that there is a gorgeous city view in the background, it’s fair to say all eyes are on Brooke Hogan in the particular photo. The 5-foot-11 reality star stares at the camera in her short shorts and white top. Hogan’s impressive long legs (or at least one of them) are on full display in this photo. Hogan shows that she is one of the most photogenic pop culture personalities in the world today.

Fun Fact: VH1’s reality show Hogan Knows Best featured the entire Hogan family. However, Brooke was arguably the breakout star of the show. As a result, she was given her own spin-off series entitled Brooke Knows Best, which focused on her music career. The series ended in 2009 after only two seasons.

8 Linda: Stylish Top

via: Picssr.com

Between the gold butterfly and the opening in the shirt, it would seem safe to conclude that Linda Hogan is trying to draw attention to her upper half in this particular photograph. It would appear, based on the background, that the reality TV star is attending some sort of promotional event in this particular image. Whatever the case may be, this busty photo is one that any Linda Hogan fan is sure to love.

Fun Fact: In 2011 Linda Hogan published a book entitled Wrestling the Hulk: My Life Against the Ropes. The book chronicles her marriage to the Hulkster and offers a behind-the-scenes look at their relationship. Apparently, the book doesn’t portray the legendary wrestler in the best light, as Linda claims to have tolerated 24 years of mistreatment and alleged infidelity.

7 Brooke: Pole Dance

via fanpop.com

Brooke Hogan appears to be getting her groove on at a promotional event for a local radio station. The blonde is dancing around a pole in a revealing black number. Fans likely enjoyed seeing the former wrestling personality perform some of the signature dance moves that helped the wrestling daughter launch a noteworthy music career. Hogan’s natural stage presence is on full display in an image that ranks among her best.

Fun Fact: While Hogan is known for her television appearances, she has also been featured in several movies. She has appeared in nine films thus far. Her filmography includes flicks like Sand Sharks, Two-Headed Shark Attack, Skum Rocks!, and L.A. Slasher. Not exactly award-winning stuff, but it likely beats working a day job.

6 Linda: The Wave

via HollywoodLife.com

Linda Hogan gives us her best movie star wave in this image. The 58-year-old mother of two looks well put together in her blue skirt and form-fitting top. The blonde shows fans her elegant side in this photo as she flashes a warm smile for the camera.

Fun Fact: Brooke isn’t the only woman in the family that’s been involved in the music industry. In the mid-'90s, Linda Hogan became a member of the Wrestling Boot Band. Hulk Hogan was the bassist and vocalist of the group, which also featured “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart. Linda provided the backup vocals for the band. In 1995, Hulk Hogan and The Wrestling Boot Band released their first album, “Hulk Rules.” The album featured songs from several genres including pop, rock, and rap. Though the album did not receive critical acclaim, it enjoys a cult following among wrestling fans.

5 Brooke: On Stage

via HamaraPhotos.com

It’s fair to say that Brooke Hogan’s jeans have seen better days. One can certainly understand wanting to get the most out of a pair of pants, but when your underwear is visible; then it’s probably time to part ways with your apparel. Joking aside, Hogan makes this eccentric outfit work and looks pretty darn good on stage. The blonde singer will definitely get the crowd’s attention with this attire.

Fun Fact: Brooke Hogan has released three music albums thus far. Her first album Undiscovered was released in 2006, at the height of her popularity. As a result, the album, which featured the hit single “About Us” sold 127,000 copies in the United States. Her next album, 2009’s The Redemption, wasn’t as successful as the first. The Redemption only managed to sell 15,000 copies in the U.S.

4 Brooke & Linda: Swimsuit Time

via eonline.com

This shot features the mother-daughter duo posing in their bikinis. Linda shows us her patriotic side with her American flag-inspired top, while Brooke stays with the theme in her red and white bottoms. The necklaces also go with the All-American theme, as Brooke flashes a peace sign in the photo. Seeing these two ladies in the same photo together likely brings back fond memories for Hogan Knows Best fans.

Fun Fact: Brooke Hogan made a bit of history back in 2006; that year she became the first FHM cover model who was under 21 years of age. Given her relatively young age and the fact that she had a younger fan base at the time, the magazine opted not to use any alcohol-related advertisements in that particular edition.

3 Brooke & Linda: Hanging With The Dog

via SugarSlam.com

The photographer may have been barking up the right tree with this photo. The image features both Brooke and Linda Hogan in sweatpants and bikini tops. Besides displaying both women’s prominent upper half’s, the image also features Brooke’s dog Molly, a 11-year old-Pomeranian. Molly recently went missing but was eventually recovered when her photo was posted on a lost dog website, following a 24-hour search. Fortunately, Molly looks to be in good health as do the two Hogan girls.

Fun Fact: Brooke Hogan was released six singles over the course of her music career thus far. Her biggest hit to date was a song called “About Us” which featured Houston rapper Paul Wall. The song peaked at number 33 on the U.S. Billboard Chart in 2006.

2 Brooke & Linda: Red Carpet

via Wikifeet.com

When two big-time reality stars show up at your event, then it’s definitely time to roll out the red carpet, which appears to be what happened in this instance. Brooke looks amazing in her figure-flattering cocktail dress, while Linda is sporting an interesting floral patterned dress. The two ladies look every bit the VIPs in this endearing photo. This mother-daughter pair definitely outdid themselves with this image.

Fun Fact: We all know Brooke started in two reality shows that chronicled her life. However, she also made appearances in other scripted programs. Brooke Hogan appeared on shows like America’s Prom Queen, Scare Tactics (where she played a zombie), and even the wrestling based comedy-drama GLOW, where she played a venue broker in episode 8 of the series.

1 Brooke: Splits

via photo1.blogger.com

This photo shows Brooke Hogan wearing a stylish pair of yoga pants. The image featuring the former wrestling personality is from the music video for her second single “About Us” which also featured rapper Paul Wall. Hogan shows off some impressive flexibility while performing a split in this lovely image. The blonde bombshell might be able to use that flexibility if she ever decides to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a wrestler. In the meantime, it makes for great photos like this one.

Fun Fact: Brooke Hogan got engaged to former Dallas Cowboys center Phil Costa in June of 2013. However, the couple never tied the knot, and by November of the same year, the engagement had been called off. Costa would retire from football the following year in 2014.

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