Ex-WWE Star Patches Strained Relationship With The Company For Raw Appearance

Raw's 25th Anniversary Show is shaping up to be star-studded, and this is the perfect chance for the company to mend some bridges with old talent.

While SmackDown Live on Tuesday wasn't the most eventful of shows, there were a few news items of note to take from the broadcast, one of which was that former WWE personality, booker and, writer for the company, Bruce Prichard, has been confirmed for the Raw 25th Anniversary episode on January 22, 2018.

When it came across the screen that "Brother Love" would be in attendance, there were many on social media who were a bit shocked. Most people now know "Brother Love" as the creator of a hugely popular podcast Something to Wrestle and in that podcast, he holds back nothing, often telling detailed behind the scenes stories about his time in WWE.

There is also widespread speculation he wasn't on the best of terms with the WWE, namely Stephanie McMahon.



Back in 2008, there were rumors Prichard was terminated from his job in the WWE after bringing a gun to work. While he admits he did, in fact, do so thanks to Hurricane Katrina and being required to evacuate his home, his feeling is that the gun story grew out of control and the real reason he was let go was a conflict in duties between him and Stephanie McMahon as she came and went during the pregnancies of her children. Stephanie wasn't comfortable with how much wrestlers were relying on his expertise backstage and while he wasn't given an official reason for his release, feels that her comfort level became the reason he was let go.

Whatever the problem. it looks like things are patched up and ready go for the WWE Anniversary show. We reached out to Prichard to confirm his involvement, and he confirmed and then posted a video on Facebook telling the world he'd be there live.

"I was looking for a job after I left TNA and I talked to Stephanie then, but it was all friendly. It was all fine. No [she did not give him the cold shoulder]. She spoke to me, but you'd have to ask them that question [as to why he was not rehired after leaving TNA in 2013]. [She said] 'we don't have anything for you.'"

It will be great to see "Brother Love" back in the WWE. Hopefully, he goes into more detail on how this all came about on his Friday podcast.


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Ex-WWE Star Patches Strained Relationship With The Company For Raw Appearance