Paul Heyman Advised WWE Not To Push Certain ECW Talent

According to former WWE personality, producer, creative member, and head of talent relations Bruce Prichard, Paul Heyman wasn't exactly a proponent for many of the ECW wrestlers that eventually arrived in WWE.

Not many Superstars ever earn the privilege of becoming a Paul Heyman Guy. You have to have a certain something, an indescribable "it" factor to have the unrelenting backing of the advocate. Brock Lesnar is obviously one of those lucky few. CM Punk was also. On top of that, you would imagine most of the names on the list to be ex ECW stars, but apparently, that was not necessarily the case.

Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson's Something To Wrestle With podcast has been a revelation in the wrestling business, literally. Each episode has a topic and Prichard recalls everything he knows about the topic from when he was employed by WWE. A recent episode was all about Paul Heyman, and as always, a lot of what Prichard had to say was extremely eye opening.

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Prichard discussed how when Paul was with WWE, he didn't just talk down about some of his former ECW employees, but he actively told the company not to push them. Heyman allegedly told WWE not to bother with Sandman because he was an alcoholic, that The Dudley Boyz were past their prime, and that Tommy Dreamer's best days were behind him. If true, that's pretty surprising considering the amount that the above names did to put ECW on the map.


It appears that no topic is off limits when it comes to Prichard's time with WWE. Something To Wrestle With is a podcast like no other, and that's why it has had such tremendous success in the year or so since it launched. Co-host Conrad had some success previously doing a podcast with his good friend Ric Flair but has really found his niche working with Prichard. The two of them work extremely well together.

Paul Heyman has done an awful lot for professional wrestling and has enjoyed an incredible career within it. Heyman is a businessman first though, and if what Prichard said about him is true, then he would have said those things based purely on business decisions and nothing else. Heyman did a lot for all of the ECW names he supposedly told WWE not to push, and in return, they did a lot for him. Plus, they're unlikely to hold anything against Heyman if they believed it all to be true.

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