The future of WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler is uncertain. After vacating the U.S. Title and setting in motion a tournament on SmackDown Live for the championship, fans in the WWE Universe are not sure what’s next for the “Showoff”. Is he gone from the WWE? Is the company setting up a new idea for him and his vacating the title is all a part of that storyline?

Former WWE Superstar Bully Ray believes that whatever the case may be, Dolph Ziggler should try his hand in another company if he really wants to take the next step and become the star he deserves to be.


In previous interviews, Ziggler has mentioned that he often feels he’s in a tough spot when it comes to being part of the WWE. He’s aware that he’s viewed as the “guy who can work with anyone.” While that is a compliment, it also means he’s pigeon-holed and overlooked when it comes to talent that can and should be given a main event run. Instead of pushing Ziggler, the WWE uses him to push others.


Bully Ray agreed and said the term “curse of the worker” applies to Ziggler. Because he’s known as a “good little worker” he’s never going to get the respect he deserves and should be looking at other options. Bully Ray specifically named House of Hardcore and Ring Of Honor as places Ziggler could excel.

Bully Ray explained, “A boss looks at you as, ‘Ok. He’s the guy that I can put in any role at any given time. And since there aren’t a lot of guys like that, you get put in a weird spot. That spot is, your gonna make a very, very good living, we’re gonna keep you around for a long time, but you’re never gonna be ‘the guy.'” Bully Ray went on to add, “Dolph Ziggler in a place like House of Hardcore would be amazing…. my second choice would be a Ring of Honor, but I definitely think once he gets out there, and allowed to be the version of Dolph Ziggler that he knows he can be, and the version that we’ve seen glimpses up in the past, [he’ll do well].”

While it would be sad to see Ziggler leave WWE, a lot of people agree with Bully Ray in that Ziggler needs to follow the trail blazed by guys like Cody Rhodes. Rhodes left WWE and was questioned over that decision. It proved to be the right one as he’s gone on to see more success in a year than he arguably had his entire run in the WWE.

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