Bubba Ray Dudley Teases Retirement After Serious Injury

Bubba Ray Dudley has been teasing retirement following a concussion he suffered a few weeks ago wrestling for Ring Of Honor.

Bubba Ray Dudley, or Bully Ray as he was known in Ring Of Honor and TNA, has been wrestling for over 25 years. From ECW to WWE to TNA to ROH, it feels like the veteran has done almost everything that there is to do. While his early years in ECW and WWE saw him pigeonholed as a tag team wrestler, Bubba proved that he was so much more than that after his time in WWE when he took TNA by storm as Bully Ray.

Dudley performed at ROH's last pay-per-view on Sept.  22, 2017, Death Before Dishonor XV. During the event, Bubba suffered a concussion that left him having to spend the evening in an emergency room. A number of weeks later, it would seem that Bully Ray is still feeling the effects of the injury and obviously that's not good.


It would seem that the injury suffered by Bubba has forced the veteran to call time on his 26-year in-ring career. As reported by PWInsider the multiple time Tag Team Champion has been cutting promos during ROH's current Global Wars Tour, seemingly saying goodbye to fans in some of the cities where he enjoyed some of his best nights as a pro wrestler. Apparently, Dudley gave heart felt, in ring speeches in both Pittsburgh and Buffalo last week. Then on Sunday night, Bubba sent out the below tweet thanking ROH for his time at the company and the fans all around the world.

Bubba Ray's list of accomplishments in professional wrestling are as long as your arm, and in all fairness there isn't much left for him to prove. His decision to take a step back from in ring competition will by no means mark the end of his contributions to pro wrestling. He will likely continue working behind the scenes for pro wrestling companies in the future, plus there's the not so minor matter of his and D-Von's wrestling school, The Team 3D Academy.


Bubba Ray Dudley is an extremely smart man and with what we know about concussions and the build up of injuries in the present day his decision to retire from pro wrestling, if true, will not have been a decision he made lighlty. There is still so much more for Bubba to give in professional wrestling and he can do that without putting his life and body at risk.

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