Bubba Ray Dudley Reacts To 3D-Like Move Used By Sheamus and Cesaro On Raw

Bubba Ray Dudley naturally had something to say after one of Raw's tag teams used a move very similar to his and D-Von's 3D.

Being unique in professional wrestling in 2017 is extremely difficult. Even the most successful guys and girls in the business right now will likely be made up of many different elements from wrestling's past when examined under a microscope. As with everything, there are cycles. Certain looks and moves come back into fashion and get recycled. There's a thin line between inheriting/paying tribute to someone and downright copying them though. This past week, a certain team on Raw has been ever so carefully trying to tread that line.

On Monday night, Superstars paid a visit to Australia over the weekend. While Sheamus and Cesaro were there, they attempted to add a new move to their repertoire. The former Tag Team Champions hit a move akin to The Dudley Boyz 3D on Jeff Hardy. After the match, both Matt Hardy and the originators of the move had something to say about it.


It was a house show, so the move wasn't seen on TV, and it's likely something that happens all the time since superstars do moves that they can't or shouldn't on Monday and Tuesday nights because they have a lot more freedom. Well, in this instance that is not the case. The European duo took part in a triple threat tag team match this past Monday and used the move again. and Bubba Ray Dudley voiced his opinion about them adopting the move on social media. This time, he tweeted a gif of him and his on-screen brother performing the 3D along with the caption "when done correctly".


It's a real shame that Bubba and D-Von aren't currently active in WWE and it feels like their comeback run came just a tad too early. The tag division in WWE feels like it's on the up as of late with the return of the Hardy Boyz and the incredible matches between The Usos and New Day. Plus, it would have been great to see them take on Matt and Jeff one more time, a team they worked with for years to put tag wrestling on the map.

As pointed out, considering the nature of pro wrestling there will inevitably be instances where moves are recycled. It was only recently that Steve Austin was quizzed about Kevin Owens using the stunner, something Stone Cold was more than okay with. It's unclear if Dudley is actually mad that Sheamus and Cesaro use a version of the 3D in WWE, or simply just messing with them. Considering D-Von still works backstage with the company, it's hard to imagine that the two of them wouldn't have discussed it with him first before going ahead with the new move.

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