Bubba Ray Recalls An Awkward Call He Received From The Undertaker

Bubba Ray Dudley once very briefly rolled his eyes back on WWE TV, and The Undertaker was not very happy about it.

There's an unwritten rule in wrestling that wrestlers don't steal moves and parts of their character from one another without permission. It's a topic that has reared its head a few times recently. Kevin Owens asked Stone Cold for permission to use the Stunner. Ricochet also dropped Chris Jericho a message before using the Codebreaker.

Bubba Ray Dudley did not do such a thing when he used an element of a rival wrestler's gimmick back during the Attitude Era. Probably because he didn't realize he had even done anything wrong. Dudley told the short story on Twitter this week. It happened during the iconic segment when he power bombed Mae Young off the stage and through a table.

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If you can't recall the segment, or you have never seen it, you can check it out below. Right after the powerbomb, Dudley sits staring straight ahead with a crazed look on his face. 23 hours later, Bruce Prichard approached him backstage and handed him a phone. He didn't say who was on the other end. Dudley took the phone, said hello, and instantly realized he was talking to The Undertaker.

"This is what I heard...'Hey kid, somebody around here already does that eye roll gimmick,'," Dudley wrote on Twitter. If you watch the segment right to the very end, while Dudley is staring, he briefly rolls his eyes back in his head. Clearly, he did it for long enough that The Deadman believed him to be infringing on his gimmick. Dudley added at the end of the tweet "I apologized my balls off."

Judging by the stories we hear, a wrestling locker room can be a tricky place to navigate. Tales of grudges being held for years because someone forgot to shake someone else's hand. Jericho is clearly not a fan of all the locker room politics. Y2J has replied to Dudley's story with "gimme a break." We think we're on Jericho's side in this one. Dudley rolled his eyes back for a split second, and we never associated it with The Undertaker until now.

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