Building A Women's Tag Team Division: The 15 Best Potential Teams

The Women's Revolution has been a hot topic in WWE for the past year.  Its success has meant a huge shift away from the previous perception of women's wrestling - no longer regarded as an afterthought, women's wrestling has now been placed on a much higher pedestal. As a result, this year's WrestleMania included a lengthy marquee match showcasing the three brightest talents in the division which proved to be one of the best matches on the entire card. With these changes in place, the time has come for revolution to become evolution and the next logical step in women's wrestling: a Tag Team Division.

With an abundance of female talent filling the roster, now is the perfect time to resurrect the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship. In a bid to help kick start this next phase, I've taken the liberty of compiling the 15 best potential teams, complete with team names and profiles - you're welcome WWE. First, a couple of rules before we begin:

a) Like the recent brand extension, eligibility extends to both NXT and former competitors who could return to the ring.

b) All entrants must actually be female, so no Santina Marella-esque ringers. While I'm aware that at this point in their career, The Ascension would probably be better off throwing on a couple of dresses, taking it a little easier on the make-up and wrestling as "Connie" and "Vickie", they're still not making the list.

So, let's get started with...

15 Naomi and Summer Rae


Team name:  The Glow Squad

The Glow Squad are easily the most divisive team on this list - hugely popular among males, but much less so with female fans.  Though both these women are athletic and talented in their own right, neither were able to reach the dizzying heights of the division's apex, regularly acting as stepping stones for their more successful contemporaries.

14 Dana Brooke and Kaitlyn


Team name:  The Killer Barbies

After being disavowed by WWE Women's Champion Charlotte for her ineptitude as an enforcer, Dana Brooke found herself lost, confused and without purpose. Luckily for Miss Brooke, she found a new direction and reinvigorated desire when she came in contact with returning former Diva, Kaitlyn.

13  13. Emma and Billie Kay


Team name: Great Barrier Grief

What a ridiculous name, I hate them already. Don't you? Australian pairing Emma and Billie Kay formed when wannabe motorcycle cop Emma realised that her plan to become the company's first lady just wasn't coming together. At that point, she recruited fellow country-mate and NXT prospect Billie Kay as her insurance policy.

Embracing the mentality of late 80s and early 90s WWE, this team quickly took on the role of 'people from another country who therefore must be dastardly and comply to all stereotypes'. In keeping with this, the heel team are prone to interrupt their matches to put on a makeshift BBQ and are not above distracting referees while their partner whacks opponents with a didgeridoo.

12 Natalya and Maryse


Team name: Canadian Alpha

Proudly representing the length of the Great White North, the natives of Calgary and Montreal are a unit of proud patriots determined to assert the superiority of their home nation over the U.S.A. Tired of seeing her gutless husband The Miz balk at potential challengers, Maryse decided that she should be the one to wear the wrestling tights in the family and returned to the ring. She instantly found kinship in Natalya, who, tired of watching her own husband fail to achieve main event status, decided to take a run at tag team dominance along with her sly new BFF.

11 Alexa Bliss and Tamina


Team name: Twisted Sisters

Diminutive sociopath Alexa Bliss, although she is more than capable to hold her own as a singles competitor, felt that she could do better as a tag team wrestler if only she was able to find the perfect partner.

10 Mickie James and Rosa Mendes


Team name: The Legion of Womb

A lot had changed for Mickie James since her last run with the company ended in 2010. Now a wife and mother, Mickie James was incredibly displeased with WWE television in the time that she had been away and was very vocal about it on her return. After years of seeing the WWE inundated with shallow, superficial supermodels who jumped at the chance to air their dirty laundry on reality TV at every possible opportunity, James decided that it was time to eradicate these negative influences from the company and serve as an infallible role model to young women everywhere.

9 Becky Lynch and Alicia Fox


Team name: Crazy Loyka Fox!

After being stabbed in the back by friends just one too many times, Becky Lynch's normally jovial attitude began to give way to the fiery madness that she has shown during particularly heated rivalries. Becky's newfound unpredictability was a perfect match for Alicia Fox, who is known to deviate erratically from carefree sprite to psychotic nihilist in the blink of an eye.

8 Carmella and Nia Jax


Team name: Power & Story

Taking inspiration from her former running mate Enzo Amore, Carmella felt that her best chance of obtaining gold was to buddy up to a monstrous competitor who would take care of all that 'troublesome wrestling nonsense' while Carmella danced, blabbed and taunted her way through life.

7 Nikki Bella and Eva Marie


Team name: Reality Chic

Two Divas in a woman's world, these are the two most prominent relics of a now by-gone era. Two women who have spent most of their time in the WWE trying to get attention through reality TV shows, red carpet appearances, relationships with high profile stars, and various other means that meant avoiding the need to develop as an in-ring talent and rival the best wrestlers in the division.

6 Charlotte and Ember Moon


Team name: The Beast and The Charlotte

After WWE Women's Champion (and avid Avenged Sevenfold fan) Charlotte dismissed former protege Dana Brooke, she found herself without an enforcer and soon realised that this meant that her reign as champion was suddenly in jeopardy.

5 Bayley and Sasha Banks


Team name: Cheer Money Inc.

Once fierce rivals forced to team out of necessity on a quest to prevent the success of a greater evil. After months of torment at the hands of Charlotte and her accomplice, The Boss and Bayley agreed that Charlotte's quest for the Tag Team Titles must be stopped before she can get near the gold, leading the two to put aside their differences and form a union with a single objective: destroy The Beast and the Charlotte.

4 Gail Kim and Awesome Kong


Team name: Total Knockouts

After it was revealed that the signings and ensuing success of A.J. Styles, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and The Dudley Boyz were all just a part of a long and incredibly uncoordinated invasion by rival company TNA Wrestling, the company made one last attempt to infiltrate WWE by targeting its blossoming Women's Tag Team Division.

3 Trish Stratus and Lita


Team name: D-Generation XX

Yep that's right, a team name that references chromosomes, turns out WWE HQ's Department of Puns is more highbrow than you'd think. The name also embodies the spirit that best friends Trish and Lita display on a weekly basis - representing the carefree, fun and sophomoric hi-jinx that were prevalent in WWE's Attitude Era.

2 Asuka and Beth Phoenix


Team name: Femolition

When the undefeated and frankly unbeatable NXT Women's Champion Asuka eventually made her way to the main roster, she had grown tired of singles competition, feeling that she had beaten everyone she needed to beat, she wanted a change of pace and transitioned into tag team wrestling.

This was made possible by the return of the 'Glamazon' Beth Phoenix, a partner that could match Asuka in terms of unbridled dominance. With the Glamazon's raw power and the Empress of Tomorrow's unyielding kicks and submissions, the two have run roughshod over the division.

1 Paige and A.J. Lee


Team name: Deicide Squad

Two wrestlers who acted the 'alternative' in the time of Divas, these one time arch-enemies have united to achieve a shared goal: to get the recognition they deserve.  With a name and grand statement of intent that evidences Lee's love of comic books, the pairing have claimed that their work and the impact they made was the true start of the Diva's Revolution, and that their work allowed the new "Goddesses" of women's wrestling to rise to prominence.

Determined to assert their dominance, the pair aim to eliminate the division's deities, establishing themselves as the absolute best that WWE has had to offer in the last decade. Known for their vicious and unstable nature, facing this team is a terrifying prospect for most, including the mysterious opponent they were recently scheduled to face, who pulled out of the fight at the last minute leaving only a note stating "I'm not getting in there, these guys are crazy - D. Ambrose."

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Building A Women's Tag Team Division: The 15 Best Potential Teams