Bullet Club Planning To Finance A HUGE Wrestling Show

By this point, we all know the Bullet Club and the antics they get up to. They’ve been in the news more often than not lately, but this news story could be the biggest thing to ever happen to independent wrestling. Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks and the rest of the amazing ‘Being the Elite’ crew are now apparently planning an independent show to be run potentially alongside Ring of Honor, but the biggest news is that they plan to run it in a 10,000 seat arena. It won’t be run until mid-to-late 2018 if these reports are to be believed, and they are now looking at potential buildings in Toronto, California, London and even Chicago. If they want to sell out the big arena, the last destination we mentioned is the most interesting.

If Bullet Club are to indeed sell out such a huge arena, they need to offer us something fresh and something to entice the casual audience to turn up. If nothing else, the possibility of CM Punk (a good friend of The Young Bucks) showing up could be enough. If that isn’t enough for fans, there are reports that they could wait until Daniel Bryan makes a decision on his wrestling future, and after the social media teases from Rhodes and Bryan, it could be a very real possibility.

We will update you more on this as the story develops, but for now, all we know is Bullet Club are planning a huge wrestling show in the near future. Knowing their business and wrestling acumen, it sounds like something you don’t want to miss. Like we mentioned though, this needs to offer us something fresh. So we are giving you 5 matches we’d love to see on the show (WWE/retirement situations may prevent them, but hey, they’re dream matches), so let us know yours.


Dream Matches for the show:

Matt Riddle vs. CM Punk

The Hung Bucks (Young Bucks and Adam Page) vs. British Strong Style

Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi

Neville vs. Will Ospreay

Daniel Bryan vs. Cody Rhodes

So what do you guys think? Is this something you’d love to check out? Think it’s a good/bad idea on the behalf of Bullet Club? Don’t care too much? Let us know that, and especially some dream matches you’d love to see in the comments below.

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