10 Members Of The Bullet Club Ranked By How Successful They Are

The Bullet Club are in the conversation for the greatest wrestling faction of the 21st century. New Japan broke out with a fan base in North America catching on mostly thanks to the Bullet Club appealing to them. Many of the top wrestling names in the industry spent some time in the Bullet Club to help them continue rising in the rankings. Members would enter and leave the faction with the talent decisions made by NJPW.

Ring of Honor’s relationship with NJPW helped give the Bullet Club another platform to make the popularity rise consistently. The success to come for members of the Bullet Club would not only see them dominate NJPW. Quite a few have great positions in WWE today and AEW was formed with some members using their popularity to start change in wrestling. We will look at the ten most successful wrestlers from the Bullet Club.

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10 Adam Page

Ring of Honor fans questioned the decision to add Adam Page to the group when the number of members was getting out of hand. Page however proved it was the right call as he became an exciting new star for ROH, NJPW and now AEW.

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The success of Page has him in the huge main event at AEW All Out facing off against Chris Jericho to crown the first AEW Champion. If Page wins the title and has a strong run on television, there is a good chance he moves a few spots up the list.

9 Marty Scurll

Another breakout star to thrive thanks to an opportunity in the Bullet Club is Marty Scurll. The moment of the Young Bucks turning on Adam Cole to kick him out of the group and replace him with Scurll made Marty an instantly credible star.

Scurll has remained a star in wrestling as a top main event act for ROH and one of the premier junior heavyweights in NJPW. There are expectations for Marty to either join his friends in AEW or his girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo in NXT when his ROH contract expires at the end of 2019.

8 Jay White

The recent addition of Jay White to the Bullet Club helped set him up for a bright future in NJPW. White received the opportunity of a lifetime when he defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi to become the IWGP Heavyweight Champion after replacing Kenny Omega as the leader of the Bullet Club.

The title reign was not too impressive as White was relatively new and quite young for such a role. Luckily, he did not fall flat on his face as he is still a major player in NJPW. The future could see White rise higher up the list given his youth and potential.

7 Karl Anderson

Karl Anderson was arguably the most consistent member of the Bullet Club for his time in the group. The original version of the group featured Anderson as one of the top members. His matches always impressed as a rising star in the company.

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Luke Gallows joined NJPW shortly into the creation of Bullet Club and became the tag team partner of Anderson. The duo of Anderson and Gallows were the top heavyweight tag team for most of their run together before landing with WWE. Anderson’s success in singles and tag team both made him an important Bullet Club member.

6 Cody Rhodes

The decision to leave WWE by Cody Rhodes became a genius decision right away when he landed relevant spots in both Ring of Honor and New Japan. Cody was revealed as the newest member of the Bullet Club before he even made one appearance in NJPW.

The bond between Cody, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks helped make the Bullet Club more popular in the North America region. All four members landed exclusive merchandise deals before getting the offer to become Vice Presidents of the newly created AEW promotion. Cody joining Bullet Club was a game-changer for his career.

5 Adam Cole

Adam Cole has found great success in every relevant promotion he has worked for. Ring of Honor made him their only three-time ROH Champion in company history. Cole was the longest-reigning PWG Champion and had a great run in CZW.

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New Japan was impressed enough with his work to add him to the Bullet Club as their top US-based singles wrestler. Cole had his second and third ROH Championship reigns during the time in Bullet Club. WWE signed Cole away from ROH/NJPW and he’s now the NXT Champion currently adding another strong chapter to his legacy.

4 The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks joining New Japan helped both parties in a massive way when they joined the Bullet Club. Following disappointing runs in TNA and ROH, Matt and Nick Jackson were struggling until they became part of the Bullet Club as the top junior tag team.

Their star power grew immensely enough for ROH to bring them back as the top duo in the tag team division. Bullet Club grew to new levels with the Young Bucks representing them to success in both Japan and the United States. Matt and Nick are now two of the Vice Presidents helping showcase the new AEW promotion moving forward.

3 Finn Balor

Finn Balor was the most important wrestler to the early stages of the Bullet Club. The group formed out of his heel turn during his time as Prince Devitt in New Japan. This new evil character created the stable of foreign heels known as the Bullet Club.

Many wrestling purists will argue his run as the Bullet Club leader was the best time of his career. However, the decision to join NXT was quite successful as well. Balor had arguably the best NXT Championship reign of all time and was the first-ever Universal Champion on the main roster. WWE may not portray Finn as the face of the company, but there is no questioning his success.

2 Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega made a bold career decision to officially join the New Japan roster as part of the Bullet Club after years in smaller Japan promotion DDT. The spot in the Bullet Club earned him a push as the top junior heavyweight in the company for about a year.

Things would escalate for Omega when the Bullet Club needed a new leader. The main event push in the heavyweight division made him a massive star with classic matches against Tetsuya Naito, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Kazuchika Okada. Omega became a major international star and is now one of the faces of AEW as a talent and Vice President.

1 AJ Styles

The most successful member of Bullet Club would have to be AJ Styles when looking at his accomplishments. Styles was already viewed as the top star in TNA history before joining Bullet Club, but the last few years in TNA hurt his credibility. New Japan took a chance on him by giving him a monster push.

Styles debuted as the newest leader of the Bullet Club after Finn Balor left. NJPW made Styles the IWGP Heavyweight Champion right away to great success. WWE was so impressed with his time in Bullet Club that they offered him a huge contract in 2016. Styles is now a former WWE Champion and respected main eventer.

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