Chris Jericho's Wrestle Kingdom Match Won't Change MAJOR WWE Policy

The Royal Rumble is three weeks away, and Dave Meltzer was quick to shoot down rumors of a massive faction joining the WWE.

Despite many fans suggesting members of the Bullet Club could invade WWE after Chris Jericho appeared at Wrestle Kingdom, they'll be disappointed to learn that the WWE's policy regarding outside talent working in the promotion hasn't changed and the chances of Bullet Club invading WWE at the Royal Rumble are next-to-none.

The Bullet Club is by far the most well-known, dominant and beloved wrestling faction that isn't part of the WWE. With past members like AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson now working for Vince McMahon, there has been non-stop speculation about Bullet Club "invading" the WWE some day.

With the Royal Rumble pay-per-view three weeks away, rumors and speculation are bound to ramp up about a possible invasion from the Bullet Club. But Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter basically gives a zero percent chance of that happening:

Unless Meltzer knows something about martians that we don't, it sounds like he's nicely telling people  to not even dream of it. Perhaps the speculation has risen because Styles (an aforementioned former member of Bullet Club), joined the WWE at the 2016 Royal Rumble.


Nobody knows for sure if or when the Bullet Club would join WWE, but fans shouldn't hold out any hope for now. WWE recently fired writer Jimmy Jacobs for posting a photo of himself with the Bullet Club outside an event:

The Bullet Club debuted in 2013, when Finn Balor (who went by Prince Devitt at the time), formed the villainous alliance with wrestlers such as Karl Anderson and Tama Tonga. The faction has competed for different promotions over the world, including New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Global Force Wrestling and others.


Due to the major popularity and success, many wrestling prognosticators have compared Bullet Club to the New World Order faction that took WCW to new heights in the '90s. With Balor, Styles and Kenny Omega all leading the group, Bullet Club has become one of the most iconic in the wrestling world.

Though it seems inevitable for the group to join the WWE eventually, there's no guarantee it'll happen. And if Meltzer is right (which he usually is), fans shouldn't expect their invasion at the Royal Rumble.


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Chris Jericho's Wrestle Kingdom Match Won't Change MAJOR WWE Policy