Bullet Club's HUGE Show Has 4 Possible Locations

News of The Bullet Club self-financing their own show was massive, and now, they've narrowed down four locations.

Cody Rhodes is furthering his quest to fund a show in a 10,000 seat arena and has apparently narrowed the potential location down to four places.

Recently, a fan on Twitter asked The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer whether he believed that a Ring Of Honor show could fill a 10,000 seat arena. Meltzer doesn't believe so, and that response has been viewed as a challenge by Cody Rhodes and the rest of the Bullet Club.

Since the Twitter exchange, Cody has been on a quest to start putting the wheels in motion for a super show including himself and the Bullet Club that would take place in an arena of the aforementioned size. Not much information has been divulged yet as these are still very early days, although the Ring Of Honor Champion has said that he and his stablemates will be funding the show themselves and that it will take place during the latter half of next year.


The possibility of this show actually happening seems to be becoming more and more real with each passing day. Rhodes revealed over the weekend that the location of the potential show has been narrowed down to four possibilities. Cody revealed that information in a reply to a fan who said that he and other members of The Bullet Club better not be teasing about holding the event in Dublin, Ireland. Rhodes performed in Ireland at the weekend so clearly, something must have been hinted at during the show. The tweet clarified that Dublin is being considered, but it is only one of four possible locations.

Cody has achieved an awful lot during the year that he has been away from WWE, proving that wrestlers can make just as much as of a career for themselves on the independent circuit as they can while at the business's top table. Not only is he ROH Champion and a member of the Bullet Club, but he has also wrestled pretty much everyone on his list of dream opponents that he shared on social media shortly after his WWE departure.


Being able to stage this show and have 10,000 fans attend really would be the cherry on the cake for Cody's post-WWE career. It's going to take some doing though, and if Rhodes and the rest of the Bullet Club want the show to be a success then they will need to put together one hell of a card.

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Bullet Club's HUGE Show Has 4 Possible Locations