Bullet Club Sing Hilarious Backstreet Boys Song With The Crowd [VIDEO]

Ring Of Honor held it's biggest event of the year last Friday night, Final Battle. While The Young Bucks and Hangman Page managed to pick up a win at the event, it wasn't a clean sweep for the Bullet Club. Marty Scurll suffered a loss and of course Cody Rhodes lost his ROH World Championship to Dalton Castle.


Although there aren't many parallels to be drawn between WWE and ROH, there is one in particular that became very apparent this past weekend. Once both companies have gotten their biggest shows of the year under their belts they're already looking ahead to what's next. That happened in ROH on Saturday when they filmed their next set of TV tapings at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia.

While you'll have to wait for the episode to air on television to see the majority of the action, one particularly peculiar segment was caught on camera and shared for all to see. The entire ROH sector of the Bullet Club were in the ring and decided to lead the crowd in a little sing song. The track of choice? Everybody by The Backstreet Boys. Scurll led proceedings and got the whole crowd involved while Rhodes and Young Buck Matt Jackson held non-Bullet Club wrestlers in submission holds.

There has been something of an argument going on via social media this weekend after UFC fighter Daniel Cormier posted a derogatory tweet centered around a sequence from The Young Bucks' match at Final Battle on Friday. Ironically that argument wasn't sparked until Sunday, so after the above Backstreet Boys sing-a-long took place. Odds are that if Cormier wasn't a fan of their match he certainly won't be a fan of what took place in Philly on Saturday night.


Professional wrestling is no longer as straight forward and one dimensional as it has been at certain points during its history. Nowadays it's a diverse form of entertainment with many different branches for many different fans. If you prefer old school, straight forward wrestling then there's something for you. However if you like your wrestlers to stop mid way through a beat down and conduct a karaoke session then evidently there's something out there for you also.

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Bullet Club Sing Hilarious Backstreet Boys Song With The Crowd [VIDEO]