5 Wrestlers Who Succeeded After Leaving The Bullet Club (& 5 That Are Worse Off)

The Bullet Club is one of the most successful wrestling factions of all time, with the group totally changing the Japanese wrestling scene when it was first created, instantly making them some of the top stars in the company.

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Over the years, the members of Bullet Club have changed countless times with the group having different leaders, members, and splinter groups. While the faction still exists, many of its most-talked-about members have since moved on. However, even though becoming a part of Bullet Club instantly gets more eyes on a performer, when someone leaves success isn't guaranteed, as this list will highlight.

10 Succeeded: Finn Balor

Finn Balor is the original leader of Bullet Club, and because of that, he will always have a huge part in wrestling history as he really did change the game in New Japan and opened up the doors for so many wrestlers to profit.

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While some might argue that Balor should be on the other side of this debate, on the whole, he has been treated as a top star in WWE as well. His runs in NXT have been game-changing for the brand and he was also the first man to win the Universal Champion, with an injury derailing his incredible momentum. Something that he has recently regained.

9 Worse Off: Robbie Eagles

Robbie Eagles was never a key member of Bullet Club, but he still had a solid run with the faction, eventually turning on them to be a member of Chaos, attacking the current leader, Jay White in the process. While it seemed like Eagles going against Bullet Club's leader might have started a big run for him as a singles wrestler, in truth it did very little to change his status within the company.

Since leaving Bullet Club Eagles has gone back to teaming with Will Ospreay a few times, but because of Ospreay's commitment to being a top singles star, that is a team that will never take off, leaving Eagles stuck in a worse position than when he was with the group.

8 Succeeded: Adam Cole

When you think about the Bullet Club, Adam Cole is often a name that gets forgotten because he was in the group just before it really blew up in popularity with the Being The Elite YouTube series. While he did play a part in all of that, he is a name often forgotten about because his work on the independent scene away from Bullet Club was more memorable and is how he earned his reputation.

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Nowadays, people instantly know him as the leader of the Undisputed Era and the NXT Champion, proving that leaving Bullet Club was the best decision for him.

7 Worse Off: Bone Soldier

Let's face it, the original Bone Soldier couldn't have lasted in Bullet Club as he simply wasn't up to the same level that the rest of the faction was, with his gimmick arguably being the worst in the history of the faction.

Bone Soldier was universally hated and was voted 'worst gimmick of the year' in 2016 by the Wrestling Observer, simply because nobody at all liked it, with people struggling to take it seriously. The fact that the wrestler who portrayed the gimmick, known as Mitsuhide Hirasawa, went on to be underneath the mask of Captain New Japan, another shocking gimmick says it all.

6 Succeeded: Marty Scurll

There were a lot of question marks over Marty Scurll and whether or not leaving Bullet Club was the right decision for him considering the fact that he wasn't joining AEW due to his ROH contract still being in place.

However, it has turned out to be the best thing for him because it has allowed Scurll to stand out on his own two feet and prove himself as a top main event star without the Bullet Club branding behind him. Scurll has dominated in ROH, creating his own faction, Villain Enterprises, which has become incredibly successful, and the future certainly remains bright for him.

5 Worse Off: Jeff Jarrett

This entry is more based on what could have been as if Jeff Jarrett had actually stuck around a little longer to work with Bullet Club he really could have had a big career resurgence. Jarrett did manage to be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and had a small run on-screen with the company, and now works behind the scenes, but there is a feeling he could have done more.

While he hasn't necessarily been worse off in terms of his job, when it comes to actually wrestling he certainly was, not getting the opportunity to compete at the same level after leaving his brief stint.

4 Succeeded: AJ Styles

AJ Styles is another former leader of Bullet Club who took his career to new heights by joining the faction and moving to Japan, a decision many never expected to see due to his allegiance with TNA.

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However, even though his run in Bullet Club produced some of the best matches of his stellar wrestling career, since leaving the group to join WWE he has been able to become a worldwide star. No longer is AJ just the talented wrestler that indie fans are aware of, now he is AJ Styles the global superstar, and that is all down to leaving and succeeding within the world of WWE.

3 Worse Off: The Good Brothers

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows have had very mixed results since making the decision to leave Bullet Club in order to pursue a WWE career alongside their former Bullet Club leader, AJ Styles. While they have been heavily featured at times, having had reigns with the Raw Tag Team Championships, they have also spent months on the sidelines and suffered a lot of defeats as the company has focused on other teams.

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There's no doubt that in WWE they're making great money, and when paired with Styles they really make an impact. However, in comparison to how dominant they were in Japan, they're worse off being away from the faction.

2 Succeeded: The AEW Crew

This entry is going to cover a lot of ground, but each member getting their own entry would have taken up the whole list and these former Bullet Club members really do come as their own package. The Young Bucks, Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Hangman Page really did take Bullet Club to another level, but they felt like a separate group at times, which was eventually addressed in a storyline.

However, since leaving the faction there is no doubt that they have all gone on to have major success because without their roles in Bullet Club there would be no AEW, and the fact they have started their own wrestling company shows just how successful they've been.

1 Worse Off: Cody Hall

You would think that being the son of Scott Hall would serve you well in the wrestling business, but things just haven't worked out that way for Cody Hall, who has struggled to live up to his father's legacy. The young wrestler got his big break when he joined Bullet Club, and people were at least starting to talk about him as a talent and what he was capable of. The same cannot be said for his post-group run.

The fact that the vast majority of wrestling fans don't even know that Scott Hall has a son in the business says how poorly things have gone for him since leaving the group, but with plenty of time left in the business hopefully, he can turn that around.

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