Bully Ray & Luke Harper Have Twitter Face Off Over Finishing Moves

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If you have watched WWE star Luke Harper and his tag team partner using a finishing move they call "The Way" and thought to yourself that it looks a lot like the finisher that TNA Hall of Famer Bully Ray and his brother D-Von made famous as the Dudley Death Drop (3D), well you aren't alone.

In fact, Bully Ray definitely noticed the similarity and he tweeted this out yesterday: "Dear @WWE, if ya wanted the DUDLEY DEATH DROP hit THE WAY it should be, ya should have had the BALLS to call us. "

Which prompted Luke Harper to respond with: ".@REALBully5150 @WWE @TestifyDevon Anytime, anywhere...we would enjoy showing you THE WAY."

Which brought about a Bully Ray response of: "Lets see if the BRASS who pull you and your partners strings has the BALLS to make it happen. "


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