You Can Now Get A Rusev Day Calendar

Sometimes the most random and unassuming Superstars and gimmicks can become the next big thing in professional wrestling. From the Yes! Movement instigated by Daniel Bryan to two guys dressing up as police officers and handing out tickets for crimes against fashion in Breezango. If the WWE Universe speaks loudly enough then Vince McMahon has no option but to listen.

The latest gimmick in a long line of ones that is becoming more popular than it was ever intended to is Rusev's Rusev Day. The Bulgarian Brute and Aiden English have been championing the 'holiday' on SmackDown Live each and every week citing that ever day is Rusev Day. The Rusev Day chants from the Philadelphia crowd in the Royal Rumble on Sunday night were some of the loudest of the night when Rusev emerged as the number one entry, and again when his wife Lana entered the first ever women's Rumble.


For those of you who have been wondering how exactly you can celebrate Rusev Day on days that you can't watch SmackDown Live, it looks like WWE Shop has you covered. You can now buy a Rusev Day calendar from the online WWE store so that now every day really can be Rusev Day. In fact the item has proved so popular that it is currently sold out.

via wwe.com

Rusev had a pretty good showing in Sunday night's Royal Rumble but ultimately didn't win the match of course. He may be popular but it will take more than an arena of fans chanting Rusev Day to change Vince McMahon's Rumble plans. For now Rusev is paired with Aiden English anyway and perhaps the two of them have a Tag Team Championship reign somewhere in their near future.

As WWE merchandise goes, this is pretty inventive. Normally Superstars get t-shirts, maybe another item of clothing if they're lucky, but calendars were normally reserved for the Divas back before the women's revolution. If you don't currently have a Rusev Day calendar to remind you when exactly Rusev Day is, just remember that it tends to fall on every day ending with a Y.

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