WWE Hall Of Famer's Documentary Coming To Netflix In June

In June, Netflix will be adding a piece of content pro wrestling fans are going to be excited about. After previously being available on only iTunes, Google Play, and, The Resurrection Of Jake The Snake will be coming to Netflix, available to stream for those who haven’t viewed it yet.

It is a gripping tale of how this legendary figure was rehabilitated from his lowest point by fellow legend Diamond Dallas Page, through positive reinforcement, tough love, and a workout system that saved Jake’s life in DDP Yoga. Jake is tested throughout the movie, as the best and worst of his once addictive personality is showcased in a raw, uncut form.

On the verge of tragedy, Roberts made a triumph in what is a must see for not only pro wrestling fans, but anyone with troubles with addition, or just looking to see someone saved on film. With guest appearances from Chris Jericho, DDP, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more, you don’t want to miss this.

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WWE Hall Of Famer's Documentary Coming To Netflix In June