10 Things Wrestling Fans Didn't Know About Cain Velasquez

During Friday Night SmackDown's debut on FOX, the wrestling world was left stunned as former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez made a surprise debut, immediately attacking Brock Lesnar.

Since then it has been announced that he will take on the Beast at Crown Jewel for the WWE Championship, but that won't be a one-off appearance either, as WWE proudly revealed that Velasquez has actually signed a contract with the company.

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This means that Cain Velasquez is now officially a WWE Superstar, and even though the world knows he is an impressive fighter, there are still many things that fans don't know about WWE's hottest new signing.

10 His In-Ring Experience

While Cain Velasquez has been under contract with UFC for a long time, he has spent the vast majority of his time working in the world of MMA, but that doesn't mean he has no experience in professional wrestling.

There is a reason both WWE and AEW were desperate to sign Velasquez and that is because of his performances for AAA where he massively impressed in a six-man tag team match alongside Cody Rhodes.

Clips of Velasquez performing under a mask have been shared online once he was signed by WWE, and it is fair to say he already looks like a promising talent, giving some hope that his WWE run will be a great one.

9 His Tattoo

Something that should be instantly recognisable when people see Cain Velasquez is his tattoo on his chest, showing the words 'Brown Pride,' which are done in a similar style to Rey Mysterio's Mexico tattoo on his stomach.

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The design element to this tattoo is done to show their Mexican heritage, something which Cain is very proud of, as he has already showcased in his WWE career so far, with Mysterio bringing it up.

He has also explained the origin behind it as the fact that he never expected to be an athlete when he was younger, and he never saw a big Mexican playing sport before, which is what the tattoo was, to let everybody know where he comes from.

8 He Used To Be A Bouncer

Like a lot of professional athletes in the combat sports world, Cain Velasquez started his life out being a bouncer for bars and nightclubs in order to make some money to support his training for his real passion.

Velasquez even used to sleep inside his own car in order to save more money, showing how dedicated he can be, being ready to hit the gym the next day straight away, even if he wasn't getting the best sleep.

Many other WWE Superstars have worked in the bouncing world before, with the likes of Batista and Sheamus both being involved in that industry, with Velasquez not being a person you would want to mess with.

7 He Could Have Been A Footballer

If you take a look back at the history of wrestling there are countless top tier talents who have either had a career in football, or could have had a career, with the likes of The Rock, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar all falling into that category.

Another name you can now add to that list is Cain Velasquez, who was a very talented footballer during his youth, as a star linebacker that was so good he was offered a scholarship to play with Arizona State.

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In the end, Velasquez made the decision to turn down the contract as he actually believed he had more potential as a wrestler due to his size, which is a decision that has worked out quite well for him, we would say.

6 Dominating Brock Lesnar

WWE hasn't kept quiet about the fact Cain Velasquez is a former UFC athlete, and they certainly haven't been quiet about the fact that he beat Brock Lesnar previously for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.

But what WWE hasn't done is go into the details of how just how convincingly Cain dominated the current WWE Champion, which is because the company still wants Lesnar to look like a fearsome competitor.

Cain didn't just beat Lesnar, he destroyed him in a sub-five minute TKO that made Lesnar look absolutely pathetic as he struggled to handle anything that Velasquez could throw at him. But will history repeat itself in Saudi Arabia?

5 No Nicknames

You might be wondering what sort of nickname Cain Velasquez will be bringing to WWE from the MMA world, with the likes of Ronda 'Rowdy' Rousey, or Connor 'The Notorious' McGregor being a couple of examples.

They are commonplace in combat sports and even many wrestlers have one, with Brock Lesnar being 'The Beast' or Triple H being 'The Game,' however, that is something Cain Velasquez has never bothered with.

He didn't have a nickname in MMA, despite being one of UFC's top fighters, so it remains to be seen whether or not he will give himself one in the world of professional wrestling either.

4 Advice From CM Punk

Anytime someone new enters the wrestling industry, especially at the top level of WWE, it is always going to be a daunting prospect and that remains the case even for top-level athletes such as Cain Velasquez.

But he has been busy doing his homework, and he has even made sure to talk to as many people as possible, seeking out advice to make sure that when he does start competing he is as prepared as possible.

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One person he has got some advice from is former WWE Champion, CM Punk, with Cain admitting, “He said, as far as getting into it, you just gotta be a team player, right? And just know that we’re all working together as a company to better everything for ourselves."

3 He Is Training Full-Time

While Cain Velasquez has already had a couple of wrestling matches in Mexico, that doesn't mean he is the finished product, in fact, he is far from it. But that doesn't mean that he isn't trying to improve on his skillset.

Velasquez isn't simply walking into the WWE expecting everything on a silver platter for him because of his UFC career, in fact, it is actually the opposite, with Cain admitting he is doing everything in his power to learn and improve.

The MMA legend will be reporting to the WWE Performance Center according to reports, putting in the time to make sure he impresses the fans and proves that he is good enough to be a WWE Superstar.

2 AEW Wanted To Sign Him

As we previously alluded to, WWE wasn't the only major wrestling company that was interested in landing Cain Velasquez's signature, after all, he was the hottest free agent on the market just a couple of weeks ago.

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Given his star power coming from UFC and his fantastic record inside the octagon, it is a no brainer that any top company would want to sign him, and that included the newly formed, All Elite Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes teamed with Cain for AAA and spoke after the match about how impressed he was with him, admitting that, "He's definitely somebody that I am keeping an eye on. That might be something you see as a personal project for me if and when Cain would like to come play ball with us. I'd be down."

1 He Has An Amateur Wrestling Background

Cain Velazquez joining wrestling isn't something brand new that he is just doing for the sake of it, as he actually has a deep history with the sport that many people aren't aware of, which the company might bring up in the future.

While everyone thinks about MMA straight away when it comes to Velasquez, he is actually a former Amateur wrestler, which is one of the reasons why he always had an excellent ground game in UFC.

While he wrestled for the Arizona State University, he was actually ranked fifth in the entire nation, becoming a two-time All American Division I wrestler, proving that he has always cared about the sport.

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