Cain Velasquez Picks Up His First Win In WWE

Cain Velasquez returned to the ring this past weekend for what was only his second match ever in WWE.

Cain Velasquez shocked Brock Lesnar, and the rest of the world, when he walked out during SmackDown's debut on FOX. Velasquez arrived in WWE to help out Rey Mysterio who had gotten himself tangled up with The Beast Incarnate. That eventually led to a WWE Championship match between Velasquez and Lesnar at Crown Jewel in what was the former UFC Champion's first WWE match.

Velasquez lost that match, submitting to Lesnar, and Mysterio's rivalry with the champ continued on without his MMA guardian. However, prior to that, it had already been revealed and confirmed that Velasquez in WWE was not a one-match thing. He has signed a multi-year deal with the company so will presumably be making a go of it in the squared circle.

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Velasquez hasn't stepped back between the ropes since Crown Jewel though, meaning his WWE record stood at 0-1. That was until this past weekend. WWE staged a stacked house show in Mexico on which Velasquez competed. Humberto Carillo had the honor of teaming with Velasquez for the night as the pair took on two-thirds of The OC, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Carillo and Velasquez were victorious over Gallows & Anderson which means the former UFC star now has his first WWE win under his belt. The trouble is, it might be a while before he registers another. Velasquez was originally supposed to team with Mysterio on Saturday night, but that match was scrapped when it seemed as if Velasquez would have to undergo knee surgery. While not confirmed, it's assumed that surgery is still on the table and has merely been pushed.

The extent of Velasquez's knee injury isn't clear. It obviously isn't a debilitating problem since Velasquez was able to wrestle over the weekend. Chances are WWE will want him ready for WrestleMania season, so now is the best time for the surgery to take place. WWE has no big shows over the holidays and won't need Velasquez until at least Royal Rumble. That might be the next time we see him in the ring.

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