Cain Velasquez Claims He's "Going After Those Tag Team Titles" With Rey Mysterio

Cain Velasquez has claimed he and Rey Mysterio will be going after the Tag Team Titles once he's done with Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar looked like he had seen a ghost when Cain Velasquez walked into SmackDown alongside Rey Mysterio. Unsurprising considering what Velasquez did to The Beast back in UFC. Lesnar will have assumed he was safe from the former UFC Heavyweight Champion in WWE but alas, the MMA star turned wrestler has come to Lesnar's house for the chance to get his hands on him once again.

Velasquez will finally get that chance this Thursday at Crown Jewel. What's more, he will also get the chance to become WWE Champion at the same time. Whatever happens on Thursday though, Velasquez's stay with WWE will continue. The combat athlete has signed a big-money deal with the company but as for what WWE has planned for him going forward is anyone's guess.

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Velasquez has his own ideas for what he would like to do next, as he revealed on the Not Sam Wrestling Podcast. When asked by Sam Roberts what the future held for Velasquez in WWE, his answer was short and sweet. "We’re going after those tag team titles," Velasquez proclaimed. By "we" we're assuming Velasquez is referring to himself and Mysterio.

We're also assuming that since Mysterio is on Raw, Velasquez is referring to the Raw Tag Team Titles. Velasquez was not drafted when WWE re-split its roster a few weeks ago, probably because that would have placed him on SmackDown to take on Lesnar while the man who has effectively become his manager remained bound to Monday nights. Seems as if beyond Crown Jewel, Velasquez will be Raw's property.

That might also be a low-key spoiler as to who is going to win the WWE Title match this Thursday. If Velasquez is going to be challenging for the Raw Tag Titles, we can't imagine he'll have the WWE Championship with him. Lesnar's reign will continue on Friday nights, while Velasquez and Mysterio set their sights on The Viking Raiders on Raw. Personally, that's a heavy-hitting match we would like to see.

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