Canada’s Greatest Export: 20 Pics That Prove Trish Stratus Was The Hottest Diva Ever

A Canadian beauty that was a fitness model before joining the WWE, Trish Stratus took the wrestling world by storm!

A Canadian beauty that was a fitness model before joining the WWE, aside from being a part of a radio show called Live Audio Wrestling, Trish Stratus had no real qualifications. So, you may be wondering why she was signed in the first place. It's simple -- that is because during that era, the company was much more concerned with women’s looks than their in-ring abilities.

Starting out as the manager of a tag team named T & A, a name so subtle it is hard to fathom, long-time fans will know that she wasn’t satisfied to be arm candy alone. Instead, she opted to dedicate herself to becoming one of the best women wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots and she worked tirelessly, earning the respect of virtually everyone in the process. Still, since her looks brought her to the dance, we were inspired to put together this list of 20 pictures that we think prove she is the hottest Diva ever.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Trish Stratus can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular wrestler will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, events or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Itsy Bitsy Red Bikini


Sometimes a photo is just a photo and then there are times where this is something about an image that lets us put ourselves in mental place of pure elation. Case in point of that, this picture of Trish in a red bikini on a beach leads us down a road of imagination that is delightful, to say the least. Come with us here as we picture ourselves sitting on a beach minding our own business when suddenly, out of nowhere, Trish enters your field of view leaning in just like that. If you are anything like us, you would likely be frozen in pure ecstasy if a moment like that ever took place. Giving us a great view of what she is working with here, that makes this an example of everything that is right with picture taking as a concept.

19 Sexy Lean


Pictured putting her weight on a stool, this is a great example of Trish taking the skills she learned in the modeling world and using it to further her career in the wrestling world that was image based at the time. Popping her waist out in a way that emphasizes her chest perfectly, not that it needed any help in that regard, the way she has contorted her body serves to makes this a visual feast. After all, we also love the opportunity to take in her legs and booty from a different angle. Finally, we aren’t ones to typically pay that much attention to a woman’s hairdo but she looks so on point here that it allows us to also sit and reflect on how stunning her facial features are.

18 Handbra


A photo that actually predates her time in the wrestling world, this is proof positive of the hot images of Trish that led to the WWE giving her a chance to work for them. Also shot on a beach, this photo may lack the image quality of pictures that are shot by a media juggernaut like the WWE, but there is no doubt that the focus of the shot rises above any technical limitations. Wearing nothing but a pair of bikini bottoms, Trish is relying on nothing but one of her hands and arm to cover her chest up. We aren’t seeing more of her breasts here than in many other photos of her – actually, the opposite is true – but the fact that she was a mere muscle spasm away from being revealed is fantasy fodder for us.

17 All Wet!


An image of Trish during a moment in which some lucky person got to spray her down with water as she wore very little clothes, whoever that person was should be going out and buying lottery tickets daily. That is true as they are clearly such a lucky individual that it seems like they have already won one of the most coveted prizes in all of the world today. In fact, if Trish and the WWE wanted to come together to start a billion-dollar business all they need to do is set up for someone to get the chance to do just that. After all, we’re certain loads of people would clear out their savings to help Trish essentially take place in a wet T-shirt competition. Heck, if you ask us this image is a dream come true in picture form alone, let alone seeing it in person.

16 Revealing Angle


If there is one thing that we can rest assured nearly everyone that has ever looked forward to watching wrestling will agree on it is that it is magnificent to see Trish Stratus in the ring. Currently retired from in-ring action, it may be easy to forget why that is true, and we are here to remind you why. An extremely talented grappler whose matches were almost always a joy to see, it also doesn’t hurt at all that she would come down in clothes that revealed much of her incredible body. Case, in point, is this screengrab of her from her prime in which she looks about as alluring as possible. Bent at the knee on top of wearing a top that already provided a nice view of her cleavage, the resulting view is one we appreciate on every level.

15 Sandy Sea


In today’s WWE, there is no question that the WWE women’s wrestlers are treated with a level of respect as athletes that was missing from the company for much of the last few decades. However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that during much of Trish’s career she and her peers in the division, like Lita, Victoria, or Molly Holly, were seen by fans as brilliant athletes. Still, at that time that didn’t stop the company from also treating them as eye candy, including a tradition of releasing magazines and photoshoots of them clad in sexy gear. For an example of that, here we have Trish clad in a bikini that looks fantastic on her fit body, while sunning in the sea with remnants of sand bringing our attention to her sexy midriff.

14 Women’s Champion


Trish Stratus is a woman that millions of people have lusted after an awful lot over the years, which is great for her fans but puts a lot of pressure on her too. We say that because she has often appeared in public over the years and always needed to make sure that her looks were totally on point. That is why it makes perfect sense that most pictures of her feature elaborate clothes, a lot of makeup and a look that looks great but also heavily designed. When we decided to put together this list we thought a photo like this one, in which she has sat in a makeup artist’s chair but has a relaxed vibe going on, was a no-brainer to include. Proving that she isn’t as high maintenance as she might come off at times, she looks totally stunning here and seems like someone we’d love to spend time with.

13 Lovely Legs


The first of several photos of Trish from her post-wrestling career days, here we have an image of her from an Inside Fitness photoshoot focused on her foray into the business world. Now the purveyor of Stratusphere Yoga which is situated in Toronto, it is hard to believe but her dedication to that lifestyle has allowed her to actually make her body even more incredible. You may not have thought that would be possible, an idea we couldn’t blame you for, but if you look at her legs alone here they look muscular but inviting in the best ways possible. Of course, we aren’t any fools, so we are taking the rest of her in here and her large chest is front and center and looking as impressive as always.

12 WrestleMania XX “Betrayal”


If you are a newer fan of the WWE, then you may not remember many of Trish’s best storylines. As an example, going into WrestleMania XX, former onscreen friends Christian and Chris Jericho were embroiled in a feud with her in the middle. At the outset of the story, Y2J was pretending to dig Trish to win a bet with Christian but he developed legitimate feelings for her. As a result, when Christian disrespected her, Jericho came to her defense which led to their Mania bout. Ultimately turning her back on Chris, helping Christian win, and then making out with him, it was revealed she had discovered the bet. Although she's said to have betrayed Chris Jericho, we can’t blame her for slapping someone that bet he could sleep with her. Storytelling aside, we absolutely loved her sexy new demeanor, as seen here, and that hair tussle is a perfect example of what we loved so much as it looks like bed head, if you know what we mean.

11 Divas 2006 Cover


For decades now, magazine publishers have heavily relied on putting something on their covers that will entice people to buy their product for good reason. It makes perfect sense as you want to draw the eye of random onlookers in hopes that they will be convinced to spend their hard-earned cash on your product. For many years, the WWE was involved in the magazine business and it is clear they learned that lesson which led to this image of Trish appearing on the cover of their 2006 Divas Magazine. In fact, we can attest to the fact that we wouldn’t have been able to look away from a magazine cover like this on the newsstand if we were walking by since Trish looks as alluring as possible here. That makes this cover photo a total masterstroke.

10 Ref


In the WWE and the wrestling world as a whole, referees are a very important part of every match as they are the glue that gives the fans the ability to invest in the rules of the bout at all. A company that thrives on their villains doing everything in their power to earn every advantage by bending or breaking the rulebook, if there isn’t a semblance of order it would be impossible to buy in. Still, as imperative as that is, in most cases the people we see in the zebra stripes need to fade into the background so we can pay attention to the competitors. With Trish standing in for the rank and file refs we see each week, looking away from her seems like an impossible task. That is especially true since she also has shorts like these on that are so small they leave little to the imagination.

9 Mirroring Beauty


What’s better than a photo of Trish Stratus? Easy, a picture that makes it look like we’re looking at two of this dazzling beauty. Seen in a bathroom here, we also love the angle here giving us a small view of a shower behind her as it lends this image a little bit more of an intimate feel. Sure, we are realistic enough to realize that at this moment she was surrounded a photographer was there, and a large crew was likely outside the door but we’d be fools not to ignore that. After all, this was taken in the room in a house in which a gorgeous gal like her will disrobe and clean every inch of their body, which is a mental image that is as tantalizing as nearly any out there.

8 Wrestling Gear


A picture from WrestleMania 22 where the feud between Mickie James and Trish came to a head, the sexy storyline demanded a kickass bout with a provocative edge. Wearing wrestling gear like this was a great way to up the sexy ante of the moment, as it may just be the best get up a woman has ever worn in the ring. Practical, as it clearly allows for an athlete like her to have a great deal of movement; it is also cut in such a way to show off a lot of cleavage and midriff, which we absolutely love. Her clothes and body aren’t the only reasons we like this picture so much, either, as we also love her face here and ferocious look on it. We know that in this moment her character wanted to destroy her foe in the ring, but it isn’t much of a leap for us to imagine that she is looking at us with a desire to devour us sexually instead.

7 Locker Room Hottie


When it comes to common fantasies those attracted to ladies have on film there are certain tropes that pop up again and again. Among them are slumber party pillow fights, women’s prison showers, and female locker rooms. Of course, if you are above a certain age you are likely to have realized by now that the image this creates of these locales aren't based in reality but there is still something we love about it on some level. An example of exactly why some parts of us hold on to these ideas, here we see Trish on a bench in a locker room wearing little more than a bra-and-panty set. Feeling like we are getting a forbidden view of someone we want to see in such a state as much as possible, this image is exquisite on every level.

6 Rear View


Let’s face it, as much as Trish Stratus has millions of fans around the world that appreciate her on many levels, when it comes to her looks, it is clear that her chest gets the bulk of the love. Looking at an image of her like this one, we have to say we are totally baffled as to why that is the case. Sure, in the photo itself it seems as though Trish can’t stop herself from checking out her front but she is not getting the mind melting view we are. Possessing a derriere for the ages in this photo, her booty is round and awesome to behold. In fact, this may be the best advertisement for her workout system out there.

5 Legendary Kiss


Trish Stratus is remembered for her longstanding feud with Lita, but there is no doubt in our minds that many of her fans, especially those going through puberty at the time, may think of something else first. Another one of the most memorable storylines that Trish ever took part in was one we’ve already touched on briefly involving her and Mickie James. Starting out with Mickie stalking Trish, it involved this moment where she planted a big kiss on the apple of her eye. We could sit here and try and pretend like it is a marvelous moment as it involved the WWE giving their female performers an interesting story for them to sink their teeth into, which is true, but come on. We’re just going to say it, we can look at images of two women this seductive and dazzling making out all day long.

4 Lingerie


Wrestling is weird. What other business would ask someone to appear in lingerie in front of a crowd of thousands, some of which would be underage? We can only imagine how odd doing that might feel. That is why it is so clear to us that if you wanted to be a female star in the WWE during the Attitude Era, you needed to have supreme confidence in yourself, or at the least be able to put up that front. Nobody was better at that then Trish Stratus and we’re guessing looking this gorgeous in your skivvies helped her along the way. Seen here in fabric that most women would only allow someone they were romantically involved with to see, the fact that we are getting to see her in such a state is a huge turn-on. Of course, that is to say nothing about the fact that she seems designed to be the perfect model for lingerie of all sorts.

3 Blue Bikini


Another photo that was taken as part of one of the WWE’s many magazines featuring their female talent sporting bikinis, with this photo we can’t see any sand but clearly, she is a warm location. We say that because she looks right at home sporting a barely-there bikini and while she has something over her shoulders and back we think that is there for a visual flare. After all, if you ask us, that piece of clothes along with her belt and bracelet entices our eyes to looks over every inch of her body, to see what she has on, only to realize the pure joy of examining her figure itself. As great as her body is here, which it clearly is, our favorite part of this image is the look on her face which says to us she knows exactly the effect she is having on viewers of this picture.

2 Not Exactly Subtle


We’re just going to say it, Trish Stratus makes anything she is wearing and doing look good. Sporting yet another red bikini, which you have to realize by now is a great look for her, it is abundantly clear that she has one of the best bodies out there. However, as marvelous as that is, the obvious part of this picture that immediately comes to your attention is her shooting water out a super soaker. Not exactly the most subtle image we’ve ever seen, it certainly seems like her holding something vaguely phallic in her hands as liquid escapes is meant to bring something to mind in her male admirers. Sure, we can’t say for certain that is what they were going for here, but come on, there isn’t much question in our minds, and it works great for us.

1 Studio Hotness


One of the most recent pictures included on this list, this is yet another picture from her post-wrestling Inside Fitness photoshoot, and it seems obvious to us that she is getting hotter with age. Seeming more natural than she ever was in her in-ring career, there was nothing wrong with how she looked in the WWE, far from it actually, but we love seeing an image of her where she looks totally at peace. In fact, if you ask us, there isn’t a single picture of her out there which we find more attractive. Obviously, that is just our opinion, but if you look at how fit and toned she looks here without losing a shred of her come-hither energy, that is a feat few people have ever accomplished.

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