Former WWE Diva's Champion Screamed At By Lita

Former Diva's Champion Candice Michelle recently opened up about a small altercation she had with the now Hall of Famer, Lita

During the Ruthless Aggression Era, there was no shortage of feuds between many WWE divas. Maria Kanellis had her feuds with the Bella Twins, while Candice Michelle and Melina made their real-life beef known to the public.

Recently, Michelle opened up about some backstage heat between her and Lita. In an interview with Andy Tarnoff of On Milwaukee, Michelle shared the story about being berated by the WWE Hall of Famer.

According to Michelle, the two women were putting their makeup on in the locker room mirror. Lita - whom Michelle described as "very intimidating"—then lost all cool.

“I sat on the floor by a mirror. And she got up in my face, and she was like, ‘What? Do you think you can walk in here and take the best spot in the locker room?’ And I was like, ‘I’m sitting on the floor!’ I was considered the Hollywood girl. These wrestling girls, they paved the way of going to these indie shows and training camps and putting their bodies through this for so long. And I just come from Hollywood and show up. So I get their side of it. I had to earn the wrestling respect side of it.”


Michelle also described the encounter as "brutal." Fittingly enough, the two superstars would have two matches against each other. Michelle defeated Lita at Unforgiven 2006, though she'd lose a rematch shortly thereafter.

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Unfortunately for Michelle, she had to go through an encounter that many new wrestlers receive from established veterans. Other superstars like Chris Jericho didn't receive great treatment when he originally came over from WCW. That's how it works with many businesses, and WWE has been no stranger to it.

Michelle established a solid five-year career in the WWE, winning one Divas Championship and was named the Woman of the Year by Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 2007. She was released in 2009 and didn't return to the ring until 2017 when she beat Lisa Marie Von (better known as Victoria in WWE), at a show for House of Hardcore.



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