Carmella & Big E Have Unique Training Regimen [Video]

The Mixed Match Challenge is almost upon us and less than a week away. All 12 teams that will be competing in the groundbreaking tournament have been announced. Sasha Banks will be tagging with Finn Balor, Elias was selected by the fans to be Bayley's partner, and we even have a couple of real life husband and wife pairings on SmackDown Live in Lana and Rusev and Jimmy Uso and Naomi.

Carmella was left a little peeved earlier this week however as she was the only woman among the competitors who hadn't yet found out her tag team partner. That was because the WWE Universe had to vote for which member of The New Day was going to be Miss Money In The Bank's MMC partner. Well the votes are in and the result is Big E.


On Raw and SmackDown Live this week we have been treated to the reactions of various stars discovering who their partners were going to be, but Carmella and Big E have gone a step beyond that. The Princess of Staten Island posted a training video on Wednesday depicting exactly how New Day have been prepping her for tagging with Big E. The video features Carmella using pancakes as weights as well as using them as motivation to do push ups and the like.

While all three members of The New Day were included in the MMC vote, only Carmella's partner Big E and Xavier Woods seem to be taking part in her training regime with Kofi Kingston suspiciously absent. In fact the high point of the video may very well be a slow motion close up of Woods' face as he reacts to Carmella shoving fistfuls of pancakes in her mouth, all to the tune of No Easy Way Out from Rocky IV.


Whether this pancake based training schedule adopted by Carmella will be enough to see her and Big E all the way through to the end of the tournament remains to be seen. What's for certain though is that pancakes or not, they will have to go through some pretty formidable Superstars if they want to win the whole thing.

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