Carmella Foreshadows A SummerSlam Cash In

Carmella is the first ever Miss Money In The Bank, and SummerSlam could be the first ever cash in on a Women's champion.

Carmella made her presence known to Naomi and Natalya on SmackDown Live, hinting that she may choose to cash in her briefcase come Sunday.

At SummerSlam on Sunday, Naomi will have her work cut out when she defends her SmackDown Women's Championship against Natalya. The graduate of the Hart Dungeon showed the champ exactly what was in store for her come this weekend in a match with Becky Lynch. Straight Fire tapped out to Nattie's sharp shooter as Naomi watched on from the announce table.

While the match itself was an impressive showing from the number one contender, the take home from the segment came after the bell signaling the end of the match sounded. Just as it looked like Nattie and Naomi were about to come to blows in the ring, Carmella's music rang out around the arena.

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The Princess of Staten Island had a friendly reminder for SmackDown Live's current two top women, and also had James Ellsworth back by her side. The reminder was, of course, that Carmella is Miss Money in the Bank and can use her contract for a shot at Naomi's title any time she wishes to do so. Carmella had no intention of getting her hands dirty on Tuesday night, but heavily implied that she will be cashing in on whoever wins at SummerSlam and leaving the event with that glow in the dark championship.

The women of WWE accomplish so many firsts in the past few years. Headlining Raws, SmackDown Lives, pay-per-views, as well as competing inside Hell in a Cell and having their very first Money in the Bank ladder match. Well, Carmella may add to that list of firsts come Sunday by becoming the first woman to ever cash in a Money in the Bank contract.


The whole point of WWE having Superstars with Money in the Bank contracts is to constantly have that element of surprise, and Carmella warning her potential opponents of a cash in flies right in the face of that. With that in mind, it now seems somewhat unlikely that Miss Money in the Bank will follow through on her threat, at least not yet. You never know though, and in all fairness, Naomi versus Natalya will need something akin to a cash in to liven it up at SummerSlam, and Carmella isn't involved in any feuds at the moment and isn't even on the SummerSlam card.

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Carmella Foreshadows A SummerSlam Cash In