Carmella Takes Shot At Sasha Banks For Complaining About Her WWE 2K20 Rating

The WWE 2K20 video game is releasing its ratings for all the superstars, and obviously, not all wrestlers are going to be happy with what they garner.

Sasha Banks received a rating of 80, and she took to Twitter to express her anger - going as far to saying that's why she turned down the "stupid commercial"

Well, Carmella responded by suggesting that Banks put things into perspective. The former SmackDown Women's Champion added that she was thrilled to have received a rating of 80 last year, while reminding Banks that it's only a video game.

There's a chance that Banks is only sounding off on this so that she can retain her heel character, even on social media. It's common for superstars to do this, and the tweet goes well with Banks' heel persona.

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Also, The Legit Boss was moved to the SmackDown Live brand, so Carmella's response her could be a good starting point in a potential feud. Of course, Carmella could be moving to the Raw brand when the second part of the WWE draft takes place on Monday.

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Of course, Banks is in the right for voicing displeasure over her fairly low video game rating here. She's a four-time Raw Women's Champion, and she's reached numerous milestones and records as part of the women's division.

One can argue that Carmella deserved a higher rating than 80 for WWE 2K19. She won her first SmackDown Women's Championship that year, and she had a couple of successful title defenses against Asuka. But of course, Carmella and Banks have different perspectives when it comes to video game ratings.

Carmella and Banks Should Feud

Carmella and Banks had a couple of matches while they were both in NXT, but the two have yet to face off since they joined the main roster. A feud between the two is long overdue, and if Carmella stays on SmackDown after the draft, perhaps WWE will finally pit the two against each other.

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