Carmella Shuts Down Internet Troll With Fabulous Tweet

She's currently holding the Money in the Bank briefcase and she considers herself Fabulous, but in the crop of women who are currently defining the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE, Carmella might not yet be considered at the top of her class with respect to in-ring talent. That hasn't stopped her from being a very popular figure on SmackDown Live while she learns her craft at a respectable speed.

Week in and week out, Carmella is improving in all aspects of her wrestling persona. She's the current focus of the blue brands female wrestling crop and her on again, off again storyline with James Ellsworth is front and center on Tuesday nights. Not long ago, she had the WWE Universe buzzing when he kicked Ellsworth to the curb, then only a few short segments later kissed him and took him back. It was a confusing angle and one that hasn't finished playing itself out, but it will be interesting to see where this takes her character.

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Not everyone is a fan. WWE Superstars are always among the most criticised in sports and entertainment. Very much a part of the weekly lives of millions of people, every move a WWE Superstar makes, every match and everything that gets said is analyzed and criticized by fans all over the world. In Carmella's case, one fan took things a bit too far for her liking.

As you can see by the above tweet, a fan decided to publicly let it be known how he felt about Carmella's in-ring ability. He sent out a tweet and tagged Carmella, telling her she had mic skills and no wrestling ability. He was shocked that she was given the responsibility of holding the Money in the Bank briefcase. From what we can tell, he's not an insider, not a journalist or blogger, he's a fan that felt it necessary to tell Carmella directly she sucked (in his opinion).

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A WWE Superstar gets these kinds of tweets often. After all, you can't please everyone and more often, these types of direct insults are ignored. Carmella felt otherwise and is getting props by many for her direct and fantastic response.

Apparently, the lesson here is don't mess with "The Princess of Staten Island. She'll make you look like a fool and she'll come out of it looking fabulous.

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