WWE Superstar Carmella Gets Trapped In Her Hotel Room [Video]

WWE women's star Carmella ended up getting stuck in her hotel room while on the road and documented the entire event on Instagram.

The hotel ended up having to send up a couple of people before they were finally able to get Carmella out of her room so she could get a cup of coffee and her pancakes.

The hotel considers it a freak occurrence and of course we don't know where she's staying, but if that information gets out this is certainly not good PR for them.

WWE Now reported on the incident and included the videos from Carmella's Instagram account since they were posted in story mode and not on her feed.


Carmella even joked on Twitter that Charlotte Flair was the person responsible for getting her stuck in her room.

Charlotte gave a simple response by replying with an emoji.

Carmella won the women's Money in the Bank back in June of 2017 and recently tried to cash it in against Charlotte after the Riott Squad attacked Charlotte, but the referee was unable to ring the bell after Carmella accidentally knocked him out.

Carmella was managed by wrestler James Ellsworth up until late last year when WWE decided that it was time to move on from him and release him from his contract.

Ellsworth said in an interview that Carmella was the first person to call him after he received the bad news from WWE that they were releasing him. He also said that she was a big help and they stay in touch every day.

"She called me right away, literally. Maybe a minute-and-a-half after I got off the phone with [Mark] Carrano, I'm sitting in the basement of my house, I haven't even told [anybody anything]." Ellsworth continued.

"I'm sitting there and I'm, like, balling, and I'm like, 'what the hell?' The phone rings and it's her. I'm like, 'she must know,'....Crap.' And she was like, 'James, oh my God, I can't believe this. I'm so sorry. I hope you're okay', like, just being the sweet girl that she is and I was like, 'I'll be alright,'... I was like, 'I was okay before WWE. I'll be okay after it.' I said, 'it hurts. It stings. But it's life. Life's not fair sometimes and I get that,'...And she stayed on the phone with me until I was ready to get off [the phone call]. That's how very cool of a person she is. And we text almost every day."

Carmella signed a contract with WWE's NXT Wrestling in 2013 and made her main roster debut for SmackDown Live in 2016 after being assigned to that brand after the 2016 WWE Draft.

So far, the only major event that Carmella has won has been Money in the Bank. Now, whenever she's ready she'll have an opportunity to challenge a women's champion. It will be interesting to see whether or not that wrestler will be Charlotte.


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