It Finally Happened, Carmella Is 24/7 Champion

Last night on Raw, Carmella revealed she'd had enough of being chased. She then proceeded to pin R-Truth for the 24/7 Title.

It's probably fair to say that the hype surrounding the 24/7 Title has died down somewhat. After it was first introduced by Mick Foley back in May, the championship's segments became some of the most entertaining on WWE TV each week. However, there are only so many wacky things a writing team can do for a title that is on the line 24 hours a day.

R-Truth has done a terrific job of championing the title. The veteran has been its holder for most of its lifetime and is currently a 17-time Champion. Supporting characters such as Drake Maverick and Maria Kanellis have also helped it along. However, Truth's biggest helper has been Carmella. Without her, there's no way Truth would have been champion as many times as he has been.

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What we were initially waiting for was Carmella to turn on Truth and win the 24/7 Title for herself. The hope of her becoming the first female Superstar came and went at the Raw Reunion. A number of women from the past and present won the championship that evening, none of which were Carmella. However, on Raw this week, Carmella had finally had enough.

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While stood alongside Truth in the middle of a ring surrounded by hungry Superstars, Carmella snapped. She grabbed a mic and revealed she had finally had enough. Enough of the constant running from a crowd of wrestlers while by Truth's side. The Princess of Staten Island then proceeded to roll up Truth for a three count and finally became 24/7 Champion for the very first time.

Rather than hit back, Truth helped his friend escape. Carmella hopped on his back and jumped the barricade as female Superstars ran to the ring. At the time of typing this, that's the last we have seen of the 24/7 Title. Chances are we'll see it again on SmackDown tonight, and we're now intrigued to see what happens next. Will Truth eventually take the title back from Carmella, or will another female Superstar bring her reign to an end?

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