Cedric Alexander Wants To Answer Roman Reigns' Open Challenge

A 205 Live star has responded to Roman Reigns' Intercontinental Championship open challenge, but can he actually compete for it?

Roman Reigns has issued an open challenge for his Intercontinental Championship, but who is eligible to answer that challenge exactly?

The WWE Universe was left pretty shocked as Raw came to a close last week when Reigns managed to defeat The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship, bringing an end to The Awesome One's seventh reign. Even though in a straight one-on-one scenario most would expect The Big Dog to triumph, last week you'd have thought there would have been some shenanigans to keep the title on Miz.

That didn't happen though, and Reigns is now Intercontinental Champion for the first time in his career, a feat that has also made him a Grand Slam Champion. Once the dust settled the reason behind the title change became a little clearer. The Miz is about to take some time off in order to start filming The Marine 6 and naturally WWE didn't want The A-Lister taking the title along with him.


Roman has already made it clear that he will be a very different type of champion to The Miz. Directly after his title win Reigns was interviewed backstage during which he discussed the rough couple of months he has had plus thanked his family. He then signed off by saying "open challenge coming soon, anybody can get it." One Superstar, in particular, has taken that statement quite literally.

That Superstar is Cedric Alexander. As soon as the 205 Live performer got wind of the open challenge Cedric tweeted Roman Reigns asking "does that include Cruiserweights?" An interesting question posed by Alexander, and in theory, a man of his talents going up against the new champ would be a pretty incredible match. In reality, though it's unlikely that WWE would let a cruiserweight take on their top guy, and even less likely that they would let said cruiserweight look credible if the match were to go ahead.

The Miz has done a good job of keeping the Intercontinental Championship relevant while in his possession. However someone who did an even better job with the United States Title was John Cena, and that was through open challenges. The reason that worked though is because Cena gave opportunities to up and coming stars with a lot of talent. Cedric Alexander certainly falls into that bracket so maybe WWE should consider giving the cruiserweight a chance.


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Cedric Alexander Wants To Answer Roman Reigns' Open Challenge