Crossover Couples: 10 Celebrities That Dated Professional Wrestlers

In the age of social media and reality television, professional wrestlers (aka sports entertainers) are able to reach a larger audience than ever before. In many cases, this has affected both their fan base and dating circles.

Celebrities from other branches of entertainment and professional athletes from mainstream sports have certainly noticed some of WWE stops stars. This has lead to some very high-profile couples that have received a ton of media attention in recent years.

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In honor of these news-making duos, it’s time to take a look at (and remember) some of our favorite wrestler-celeb couples.

10 Amy Schumer & Dolph Ziggler

Amy Schumer is an actress and stand-up comedian who has appeared in films like Trainwreck and I Feel Pretty.

Sometime around 2012, the famous comedian dated former WWE champ Dolph Ziggler. Even though they are both famous, the relationship flew under the radar a bit. In truth, when Schumer discussed her time together (and break up with) Ziggler on a 2012 episode of The Howard Stern Show – many people weren’t even aware that they had dated.

Schumer ended up breaking up with the WWE Superstar. However, Ziggler claims that the two remain friends. In 2018, the Trainwreck star would go on to marry a chef named Chris Fischer.

9 Jennifer Hudson & David Otunga

Even though she didn’t end up winning her season, Jennifer Hudson is easily one of the most successful America Idol alumni. The singer turned academy award-winning actress has appeared in films like Dreamgirls and even performed during the Super Bowl.

Hudson was previously married to former WWE wrestler and current color commentator, David Otunga. The pair met in 2007 and wed the following year. The marriage produced a child – a boy named David Daniel Otunga Jr. – who was born in 2009. The couple split in November of 2017, after almost 9 years of marriage. At press time, it appears both stars are single.

8 Luke Sanders & Becky Lynch

Luke “Cool Hand” Sanders is a mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) bantamweight division. Sanders recently defeated former UFC champ Renan Barao this past February.

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The UFC star was previously involved with “The Man” Becky Lynch – one of the most popular performers in WWE at the moment. The two were introduced to each other on social media and began dating in 2016. Lynch and Sanders even lived together for some time, before finally calling it quits in August of 2018. Sanders cited travel issues as one of the reasons for the breakup.

Lynch is currently dating comedian Jeff Dye.

7 George Clooney & Stacy Keibler

Geroge Clooney is an A-list, Academy Award-winning actor who has starred in several Hollywood blockbusters. Ocean’s Eleven, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and Gravity are just a few of the films he’s been featured in.

In June of 2011, Clooney and former WWE starlet Stacy Keibler officially became an item. From 2000 to 2006, Keibler performed in World Wrestling Entertainment as a valet and occasional wrestler. She is also known for her appearance on Dancing With The Stars. The couple received significant media coverage prior to their 2013 breakup.

Keilber would go on to marry a businessman named Jared Pobre, while Clooney wed lawyer Amal Alamuddin.

6 Alex Rodriguez & Torrie Wilson

Alex Rodriguez is a retired professional baseball player who had an outstanding career. He is 14-time all-star, who hit 696 home runs and helped the New York Yankees win the World Series in 2009.

Rodriguez has been involved in several high profile relationships – including one with WWE star Torrie Wilson. Wilson worked for World Wrestling Entertainment from 2001 to 2008. She was recently inducted into to company’s Hall of Fame by Stacy Kiebler – who is also featured on our list. Wilson and Rodriguez dated for more than 3 years – from 2011 to 2015.

Rodriguez is currently dating megastar Jennifer Lopez.

5 Jeremy Piven & Kelly Kelly

Emmy Award-winning actor Jeremy Piven is best known for playing Ari Gold in the HBO hit series Entourage. He also gained significant notoriety for starring in the British drama Mr. Selfridge.

In 2014, Piven was spotted at a New York Jets game with former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. He was seen getting her phone number after a Monday Night Raw guest appearance, days prior to the sighting. Kelly is a former Women’s champ and was quite popular in her heyday. There are only a few photos of the couple together, which suggests the relationship was short-lived.

Kelly Kelly went on to marry (and divorce) NHL Star Sheldon Souray.

4 Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein & Gorgeous George

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein was a guitarist for the Misfits – a horror punk band. He also played in other bands such as Doyle and Gorgeous Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein was married to former wrestling valet Gorgeous George (aka Stephanie Bellars) from 2001 to 2013. As a wrestler, Gorgeous George is known for her brief but memorable tenure with World Championship Wrestling (WCW), back in 1999. During that time she managed the legendary “Macho Man” Randy Savage. She would go on to become a dancer for Frankenstein’s band, Gorgeous Frankenstein.

The former Misfit is currently dating Alissa White-Gluz – who is the vocalist for the death metal band known as Arch Enemy.

3 Robert Irvine & Gail Kim

Robert Irvine is a celebrity chef who has appeared on several shows for the Food Network. Dinner: Impossible, Restaurant: Impossible, and Worst Cooks in America are just a handful of the programs he’s hosted.

In 2012, Irvine married professional wrestler Gail Kim. Kim is a former WWE Women’s Champion, who is arguably best known for her time in TNA (Impact) Wrestling. The two met on the set of one of Irvine’s shows – Dinner: Impossible. Perhaps fittingly, their wedding was also featured on one of the celebrity chef’s programs – Restaurant: Impossible. They even appeared on as a couple on another show, Guys Family Road Trip.

2 Richie Kotzen & Brie Bella

Richie Kotzen is a guitarist who has been a member of bands like Mr. Big and Poison. These days, he is part of another popular group – The Winery Dogs.

The former Poison star was previously in a lengthy relationship with wrestler and reality star Brie Bella – who is a former WWE Divas Champion and a one-half of the Bella Twins – with her sister Nikki. Kotzen and Bella were together from 2004 to 2009. During most of their relationship, Bella was a relative unknown – as she had yet to establish herself in WWE.

These days, the Total Bellas star is married to fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan. Kotzen married musician, Julia Lage in 2017.

1 Ronnie Radke & Paige

Ronnie Radke is a musician who has been a member of several bands over the years. He is most commonly associated with groups like Escape the Fate and his current band, Falling in Reverse.

Since 2018, the vocalist has been dating WWE starlet Paige. Paige made history by becoming the youngest WWE Divas Champion – winning the title when she was just 21 years of age. In April of 2018, she was forced to retire due to injury. The recently released film, Fighting With My Family, is based on her life story. The couple has only been dating for a short time, but things appear to be going well.

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